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For fathers who love good writing, going with the latest trends, taking care of themselves and technology. In the end, there is only one father, so we show you 10 ideas to surprise him.

Fashion and beauty have always been focused on the female figure, well, this March 19 all the protagonism falls on the male figure, further blurring the line between male and female products, and betting for non-binary products. And is that in the end, although each sex is more likely to have some characteristics than others, the importance lies in what type of skin, body, mind and shape we are dealing with, regardless of which gender it belongs to. You will find all of the above in this article containing the best gifts for Father’s Day.

Montblanc: Meisterstück Le Petit Prince, inspires dad to make his mark 

For this Father’s Day Montblanc presents a selection of gifts just for him. Inspire him to let his imagination run wild with Meisterstück Le Petit Prince,  writing instruments and matching stationery and accessories. This harmonious union gives way to the creation and transmission of ideas and values between loved ones, turning the iconic Meisterstück into a precious treasure to be shared between generations of parent and child.


Montblanc, Meisterstück Le Petit Prince special edition.

The choice to base the Meisterstück on Le Petit Prince was not random. This special edition finds its inspiration in the importance of creating enriching ties with the planet and the environment, which in the end is where relationships flourish and where our home is.

The novel The Little Prince by Antonie de Saint-Exupéry, makes us look for the heart in a subtle way, as the result of this enriching story represents the child we all carry inside and the most innocent feelings of love and hope. This way of seeing the world is the one that inspires Montblanc, and also the one that can motivate your father through the pages to rediscover the child he once was.

The price of the pen is 1.210€ and you can find it on their website, together with the notebook which amounts to 75€.

Lacoste x Ricky Regal: The limited edition collection to surprise your “Lifestyle”.

Bruno Mars turns to his designer alter ego, Ricky Regal, to create his first collection with Lacoste. Some garments in this collection could be the perfect gifts for Father’s Day, as it is inspired by a passion for life without forgetting the premium sporty style of Lacoste..


Outfits from the Lacoste x Ricky Regal collection.

If your dad sings Bruno Mars songs at the top of his lungs, surprise him with a limited edition of his first collection. It’s the perfect gift to adapt sporty luxury to everyday life.

There is a wide range of garments that make up this collection. From flowing shirts, to tracksuits, shorts, polo shirts, T-shirts, flip-flops, socks, and distinctive aviator glasses. These garments form the architecture of acomfortable and “ready to wear” style, without losing the energy of Lacoste elegance.

The price of the red jacket in the image on the left is 180€ and you can find it on the Lacoste website,  together with the green jacket with contrasting stripes in the center image (180€), and the white with contrasting stripes in the image on the right (€200).  The mythical Ricky Regal glasses amount to 200€.

Louis Vuitton: The new collection that links the art of travel.

If your dad has an adventurous heart, look no further for Father’s Day gifts, this is the gift for him. The new collection for men is inspired by the experiences of aviation. This style, conveys a more contemporary point of view than ever in the world of travel, keeping in every pocket of these bags, the art of travel.

Louis Vuitton men’s collection. Left below: LV Aerogram shoulder bag. Left above: LV Aerogram tote bag.

The word aerogram is the one that makes up the entire collection, and we should know that an aerogram is a light sheet of writing paper, which is folded to create an envelope with a stamp in order to be sent by airmail. So we can imagine that it is a collection, apart from elegant, light, and easy to carry, and could be one of our gifts for father’s day.

The LV Aerogram shoulder bag, is one of our favorite options. It’s practical, stylish, and a must-have for any closet, so you’ll be sure to get it right. If on the other hand your father usually carries a lot of things on him, the LV Aerogram Tote Bag will adapt more to his daily needs, without losing that elegance and this black color that takes the reins and seals this collection.

The LV Aerogram shoulder bag, (1,500€) and the LV Aerogram Tote Bag (2,200€) can be found on the Louis Vuitton website.

Manolo Blahnik: Inspiration from culture in seasonal fashion

The global culture is what has captivated the inspiration of Manolo Blahnik this season. With a pair of his signature shoes, every step your dad takes, he’ll be intoxicated by all those sensations the designer felt when he put them down on paper.


Manolo Blahnik spring – summer collection.

Blahnik, is inspired and explores different artistic fields to macerate his inspiration. Fields such as Peter Beard’s photography or Jacques Deray’s (1969) thriller “The Swimming Pool”. All these ideas are transferred to his creations, and consequently to his clients.

One of our favorite models as Father’s Day gifts, (from left to right) are the Black Calf Leather Sandals KENIATTA,  and they have a price tag of 745€ and you can find them on the Manolo Blahnik website. The Navy Blue Calf Leather Loafers FRONDOI model for 745€ has also fascinated us, along with the Light Khaki Raffia Backless Loafers AZROU for 725€. Undoubtedly, the sandals of the summer will be Natural Linen Criss-Cross Sandals OTAWI with a price of 595€, and the Light Cream Raffia Sandals SETTAT with a price of 845€. All of them can be found on their website.


Oppo: for design- and sports-loving parents

This leading brand of smart devices relentlessly pursues the perfect synergy between aesthetic satisfaction and innovative assurance.These devices will optimize your father’s time, whether through a perfectly designed phone like the OPPO Find X2 Pro mobile, or a watch focused for sports lovers like the OPPO WATCH 46MM. Here are two practical gifts for Father’s Day.


Oppo devices. Left: Smartphone Find X2 PRO. Right: Watch 46 MM.

OPPO Find X2 Pro: The AMOLED display has a QHD+ resolution, giving the device one of the highest quality displays on the market. To capture the family’s most emotional moments, Dad will feature an Ultra Vision camera system that offers an adaptive and advanced photographic experience. So he’ll be able to take photos and record in any situation. Since Oppo foresees everything, in case you run out of battery, this phone features the c65W SuperVOOC 2.0 fast charge, so nothing will stop you. You can find this phone for €1,199, both at online store as in any operator and retailer.

OPPO WATCH 46MM: This watch is a pioneer including in a watch, the first dual-curved screen, to make it easier to operate and interact. This stylish accessory will help optimize your dad’s time with the multitasking Wear OS by Google. It also allows you to connect your SIM, so you will have all the functions of a cell phone on the wrist of your hand, without the need to carry the Smartphone over. So it is the ideal complement to go out to do sport, as one of its many features allows you to create custom workouts.  You can find this Watch for 399€ in your online store.

MUTI: the essential is invisible to the eye

You can give your father a cosmetic for the whole family, since Muti is a unisex brand. This German brand is committed to a minimalist formulation: few active ingredients and very effective. So if you know the needs of your father’s skin, Muti creams will adapt to it covering the problems he presents.


Collection of Muti brand products.

The ANTI-AGE FACE SPF30, ANTI-AGE FACE SPF50 creams are made with the “gold standard” of anti-age ingredients. They are perfect creams to give the skin a collagen boost, since collagen production in the body begins to decline after the age of 25.

You can find both creams on Muti’s website, the FACE AntiAge SPF30: for €33.50  and the FACE AntiAge SPF50: €33’50. .

Mr.Penhaligon: The inimitable olfactory fiction

William Penhaligon created colognes for royalty and nobility in Mayfair in 1870. The exclusivity of that past of nobles and crowns is conveyed through the inimitable scent of the royal crown, and is found within this bottle of cologne. This can be an ideal gift, since the exclusivity and elegance of this perfume for men is a timeless classic since 2020.


Perfume and packaging The Inimitable de William Penhaligon.

It has been created with vetiver, one of the master ingredients of perfumery. So if you doubt that its scent connects with your father, surely his shelf is not lacking one with this key ingredient.

Describing a scent is very complicated, but the olfactory union of The Inimitable by Mr.Penhaligon is earthy, warm and fresh, described as a woody oriental, containing bergamot, jasmine, incense, vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood and ambrox. The perfect composition of a gift, all in one bottle. You can find The Inimitable William Penhaligon cologne for €234 on Penhaligon’s website.

Barbiere Skincare: day-to-day care for your father

There is no better gift than a skin care routine. You’ll cover a need and it will be useful for the day to day. As an example we bring two products from Barbiere Skincare, from Acqua di Parma that are the perfect tandem as father’s day gifts.


Barbiere skincare products by Acqua di Parma.

The Multi-Action Face Cream: With a high performance formula, the skin improves day after day, hydrated and full of energy. To apply simply warm the product with your fingertips and apply a little of the product to clean, dry skin. The product is applied with gentle movements from the center of the face outwards. It can be used both in the morning and at night, making it a very versatile product to include in your skincare routine. You can find this cream for €85 on the Barbiere website.

Refreshing Facial Cleanser: This cleanser contains pumpkin seed oil and D-Panthenol, which gives you that feeling of hydration and freshness that lasts up to 6 hours after use. This cleanser also has regenerating and revitalizing actions, so the skin gets a soft, clean and fresh texture. Like the previous product, it can be used both in the morning and at night, so you can adapt these two products in your care routine without any problem. You can find the cleanser for 30€ on the Barbiere website.


MY.ORGANICS: The organic skin scalp purified 

The scalp is still part of our skin, and therefore also needs to be pampered. Give dad a capillary peeling to prevent and stop dandruff, hair loss and oiliness.


My.Organics: The organic skin scalp purified.

Pollution, the use of products with parabens, sweat and dead skin cause our bulb to become clogged causing our root to lack oxygen, and as it would happen to the lungs, it cannot breathe. My.Organics has foreseen that this is a serious problem that ends up being the cause of the most common hair problems and presents the organic skin scalp purified.

By giving your father The organic skin scalp purified, you are not only giving him a product, but you are giving him a moment of care, pampering, and disconnection from the daily routine. You can find the Peeling for 110 € on the My.Organics website.

Thomas Sabo: Elements of Nature by Rebel at heart x TENT

If you want to give your father a gift that complements his daily life and that he can always wear, this Thomas Sabo collection will suit his needs. The German jewelry and watchmaking brand inspires this collection ofmen’s jewelry in the four elements, so you will have the possibility to choose his gift depending on the sign of the zodiac to which he belongs, thus making it a more personal gift.


Products from Thomas Sabo’s collection, elements of nature, from Rebel at heart x TENT.

It is important to emphasize that this new line of Rebel at heart, supports the European nature protection organization The European Nature Trust (TENT). Through this collaboration they will tend to contribute in a solid way to sustainable projects and the protection of nature and wildlife. This is not just lip service, as Thomas Sabo has initiated this collaboration, donating 10,000 euros from the profits obtained with this line.

This donation will be used to finance nature protection and biodiversity conservation projects. So not only will you be giving a jewel to your father, but you will also be contributing to sustainability.

The Elements of Nature ring in silver is priced from £198-€219. The Elements of Nature gold tiger eye bracelet is priced at £149,and the star compass pendantis priced at 129€You can find all their products on the Tomas Sabo website.

Images provided by the brands mentioned above.