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January 10th of a very young 2016 and a dreadful announcement: David Bowie died at 69 years old because of cancer. A week and a few days have gone by but the sadness of the fact is still hard to digest.

During the seventies, a glitter and mascara filled Bowie became one of the icons of transgression, ignoring completely the limits of sexuality between what was femenine and masculine.

This self-expression touch is reflected in his voice: the star David Bowie is born.

That’s when he met Mick Rock, the famous photographer from London that got to be one of his closest friends, whose pictures were compiled in Taschen’s Mick Rock. The Rise of David Bowie, which will be sold at 59,99€ and will be released next April. You can acquire it at Madrid’s Taschen store or through their website.

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Two limited editions that retail for 3500 and 7000 euros have been printed.

The 3500€ edition is of 1972 copies signed by David Bowie and Mick Rock, inside a hardcover case of 31,55 x 44 cm and a total of 310 pages.


The 7000€ book has unpublished pictures and intimate portraits of the singer, along with what we mentioned before, to create Mick Rock. David Bowie. Art Edition ‘UK, that has 100 signed copies by Bowie and Mick Rock. 

This volume also features a print of UK Summer tour, 1973, signed by Mick Rock, with pigments in Platine Fibre Rag archive paper 27,7 x 40 cm in a hard cover 32 x 45 cm volume, with 3 foldouts in a case with lenticular cover of 31,55 x 44 cm, 310 pages.

It is, without a doubt, a gift for the senses.

Edición de arte nº 1-100 .2