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It’s possible that one of your 2017 resolutions is a change of look: seize the new year by giving a renovated air to your look. Why not? If you want to know what the main hair trends are, Horse Magazine has interviewed the specialist José Valle, the creative director of the hairdressing salon Backstage BCN. Take notes of what the trendiest look for your hair is at the moment:


It’s the perfect season for the most daring people because the colours like cyclamen, lilac, mauve, blue, pink, red and their derivations into pastel are very into fashion.

It also exists the fusion of the 90s – with brown, brunette, burgundy and violet – with the opulence of the 70s, but in its punk, gothic and rock style. The punk style is the one that mostly predominates with red, orange or pink shades – all of these fantasy colours should be lightened to pastel colours, like lilac, pink and blue.

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Since the hair colours are so radical, the haircuts are all the opposite. In 2017, the straight hair, slightly messy and voluminous, will be the most demanded to get a total casual look. They create an effect which makes you seem as if you had just woken up, like Kate Moss. Although there’s also another option for the most daring with a harsh layered hair. Moreover, one of the hair trends will be, undoubtedly, the long fringes, as in the Ramones, the singer Patti Smith or Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders).

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The wavy and curly hair is back again, but more out of control: a very 80s look with a solid 70s base. The curly and layered hair resurfaces once again but even crazier than before. Now everything is more natural, the waves are not so defined but subtler than previous years. This is precisely the avant-garde: taking styles of different times and fusion them to create new trends.

Short hair

In all probability, short hair is not going to be one of the hair trends, but rather women will go for a more masculine look. This way, they will reaffirm more than ever their position in society: women have the absolute control. The same happened in the 20s, when women used to smoke, wear trousers, have fun and do what they wanted. We can affirm that short hair will generally be preferred, but it won’t make a global trend.

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Dynamic hair, daring colours, 80s looks… in 2017 get inspired to find the newest style that fits your personality. Happy 2017 also for your hair!

Photos are courtesy of Revlon Professional