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It’s getting warmer and what better plan than going to the beach with a good book. This June you can travel far away through these books. From Tuscany to the Amazon, through the sources of inspiration of Jonathan Anderson.

Don’t miss the 3 works of art that we propose to you. Excellent stories accompanied by magnificent photographs.

A Show in a Book, by Loewe

Release date: The publication will be distributed , once the LOEWE collections are available for sale in June 2021.

Don’t miss this special publication in which Jonathan Anderson invites readers to explore his personal sources of inspiration. The proposal coincides with the Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 runway show and the women’s pre-collection.

A Show in a Book-Loewe-Magazine Horse

A show in a book by Loewe

A Show in a Book presents a selection of little-known artworks, comics, printed material and ephemera that artist and writer Joe Brainard created between the 1960s and 1970s. In addition, it also includes a preface by his friend the poet Ron Padgett, and an essay by art critic Éric Troncy.

Joe Brainard-Loewe-Magazine Horse


Book page showing a work of art by Joe Brainard.

I have been attracted to Joe Brainard’s body of work, especially his collages and his ability to create from everyday things. I have conceived this proposal as a ‘show-in-a-book’, i.e. the catalog of an exhibition that has not yet taken place.”- Jonathan Anderson

The book consists of an original hardcover volume of 200 pages. The edition and design of the volume is the work of M/M (Paris). The cover appears wrapped in a huge fold-out cloth that reproduces Untitled (Bow), a colorful collage by Brainard made in 1967. Two booklets printed on tracing paper, presenting the men’s fashion show and the women’s pre-collection, have been sewn into the laborious folds of the dust jacket.

Loewe-A Show in a Book- Magazine Horse

Wrapping of Jonathan Anderson’s A Show in a Book

The publication will be distributed by Printed Matter as an Independent volume. All proceeds will be donated to Printed Matter and Visual Aids, an organization that uses art to combat HIV through generating dialogue, supporting living artists and preserving legacies.

Amazonia,by Sebastião Salgado

Release date: Available now.

Sebastião Salgado traveled forsix years through the Brazilian Amazon and photographed the incomparable beauty of this extraordinary region: forests, rivers, mountains and also its inhabitants; an insubstitutable treasury of humanity where the immense power of nature is perceived like nowhere else on earth.

Sebastiao Salgado-Amazonia-Magazine Horse

Amazonia, by Sebastião Salgado

This book gathers the fruit of this six-year journey. The eyes of the Brazilian photographer and his camera allow us to see in the footsteps of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest.

Sebastião Salgado dedicates this book to the indigenous peoples of Brazil.

“I wish, with all my heart, with all my energy, with all the passion in me, that in 50 years this book will not be a memory of a lost world. The Amazon must survive”.

tribus-Amazonia-Magazine Horse

Fantastic images from the book Amazonia

The Brazilian visited dozens of indigenous tribes living in communities scattered throughout the largest tropical rainforest on the planet. He documented the daily life of the Yanomami, the Ashaninka, the Yawanawa, the Suruwaha, the Zo’és, the Kuikuros, the Waurás, the Kamayurás, the Korubos, the Marubos, the Awás and the Macuxis: their close family ties, how they hunt and fish, how they prepare and share meals, their marvelous talent when it comes to face and body painting, the importance of their shamans, their dances and rituals.

Tuscany Marvel, by Cesare Cunaccia

Release date: June 3

The book takes us on a journey into the Italian region of Tuscany, where it captures the beauty and rich history of the art and architecture of this famous region.

Tuscany Marvel-Magazine Horse

Tuscany Marvel by Cesare Cunnacia

This exciting story highlights the attractive diversity that makes up this area of Italy. From the churches to the hills of wheat and colorful olive trees, which inspire authentic Tuscan cuisine. This work is a portrait of the most hidden and charming corners of the beautiful Tuscany, through the history that shapes it.

Tuscany Marverl- Cesare Cunnacia-Magazine Horse

Tuscany Marvel book page

The author, Cesare Cunnacia, is a leading expert on Italian artistic heritage and the author of several books on the subject. He was editor-at-large of Vogue Italia and El Uomo Vogue and antiques consultant for Architectural Digest Italy. Cunnacia delights us with a beautiful story and mythical photographs that transport us directly to beautiful Italy.