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It’s been a while since our feet have been able to be comfortable without giving up on style. Our heart has been won by sneakers and their designs, which have evolved and turned into one of our ‘must haves’.

This is why every brand has released a new version of their older models, from the more classic to the newest styles.

If you like Adidas Stan Smiths, one of the brands icons, and one of the most sold styles right now; you need to know about the new Superstar Metal Up Toe.

Adidas releases this 2016 a new design of sneakers with a high top and a metal toe cap, available in two colors.


They are sold in Adidas or in the online shooping portal Asos.

Vans, on the other hand, known widely for their chekered slip on, have released a more sophisticated version, bringing some elegance to our daily outfits while keeping them comfortable.

They are leather slip ons, from the California collection, available both in a smooth version in 3 different colors (mustard, black or burgundy) or texturised; through their websitevans7Converse, the seventies sportsman shoe, the unwavering shoe of streetwear since 2000 until now, have released new designs following their iconic prototype, with new materials, high or low top, and in an infinite array of colors, suited to everyone’s taste. Either in their classic or newer versions, it’s one of the most comfortable brands, which makes turns it into one of our favorite staples.

You can accquire them in Converse stands or through their online shop.

Nike has decided to go back to the seventies and rescue the Nike Cortez that Farrah Fawcett turned into a trend while skateboarding.

This design comes back forty years later, as a light sneaker with great cuhsioning.

Even though they’ve kept the original design, they’ve introduced new colors and shapes so you can personalize the shoes.

Cortez are sold in  Nike, Footlocker or Asos in all their colorful cortez1

New Balance has become a classic loved by everyone, and has crowned itself as one of our wardrobe’s best friends. 

From the more classic and sophisticated designs to the more colorful ones, their color combinations make them extremely versatile for all situations and moments in a day where we might want to wear them.

Their website offers their newest sneakers, their best sellers and the classic styles.