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Perfumes have become one more accessory to complement a look. We have already presented the perfumes for men and the unisex perfumes, here we tell you about the most anticipated summer novelties of the year for women.

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Very Good Girl Glam by Carolina Herrera

After the global success of Very Good Girl, this year brings a surprising twist with the launch of Very Good Girl Glam, the new fragrance from Carolina Herrera. With an innovative approach based on sustainably sourced ingredients, VGGG is an ode to the power of femininity encapsulated in a bold and dazzling fragrance.

This is a fascinating evolution from the juicy fluorescence of the currant in Very Good Girl. In the new fragrance, the cherry tonality is much more deeper, intensified through a background note of vanilla. The rose water at the heart of the fragrance is an affirmation of femininity. In addition, for the first time, the perfumers managed to apply upcycling to the rose water that they would usually have discarded and re-extracted it. In this way, they avoid re-distilling a large quantity of flowers.

Very Good Girl Glam de Carolina Herrera

Very Good Girl Glam  by Carolina Herrera

In this olfactory structure there is a woody touch that serves to give unity and cohesion to the cherry, rose and vanilla that make up the main ingredients of Very Good Girl Glam. The stiletto-shaped bottle has become a symbol of empowerment and sophistication for Carolina Herrera, and for this perfume it has been bathed in a sensual red with glitter.

Very Good Girl Glam 30ml: 73 euros / Very Good Girl Glam 50ml: 106,5 euros / Very Good Girl Glam 80ml: 137 euros

Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi

With the arrival of summer, we tend to prefer lighter and more refreshing Eau de Toilette (EDT) formulas. As the creator of Teint de Neige, Lorenzo Villoresi, says: “The practice of changing perfume when temperatures rise is unquestionable. With warmer weather we tend to use lighter fragrances so EDTs are the best choice.”. The typical ingredients of a “summer fragrance” are citrus notes, citrusy notes, fresh flowers and green, herbaceous and menthol notes.

Despite having been released some time ago, Teint de Neige never goes out of fashion, and for summer its EDT version is ideal. The powdery perfume has a soft yet intense and persistent fragrance. The subtle richness of natural extracts of precious flowers evoke the world, images, atmosphere and light of the Belle Epoque.

Teint de Neige EDT 100ml: 120€.

Good Fortune from Viktor & Rolf

Following the success of its Flowerbomb fragrance, launched in 2005, Viktor & Rolf presents Good Fortune. This perfume expresses modern spirituality, in tune with those who are in search of their true essence. It invites women to embrace their inner mystic, follow their own path and trust their innate power. For the launch campaign Viktor & Rolf has the singer, dancer and actress FKA Twigs as the image of the fragrance.

good fortune perfumes mujer

FKW Twigs the image of the Good Fortune fragrance campaign by Viktor&Rolf

Inspired by the Spiritual Glamour Haute Couture collection, Good Fortune is the incarnation of a new positive lifestyle, an olfactory manifesto for spirituality that gives you the power to create your own destiny. Spellbinding and powerful, the fragrance opens with the alchemy of fennel blossom. Then, a superinfusion of jasmine occupies the heart of the fragrance that blooms with velvety solar notes. At the base, a captivating and creamy aroma of Bourbon vanilla, ethically sourced in Madagascar, settles in.

Viktor&Rolf Good Fortune 30ml: 72,8€ / Viktor&Rolf Good Fortune 50ml: 102,4€ / Viktor&Rolf Good Fortune 90ml: 136,7€ / Viktor&Rolf Good Fortune 90ml: 136,7€.

Nina Fleur by Nina Ricci

Since its creation in 2006, the Nina perfume with its iconic apple-shaped bottle has been synonymous with audacity and fantasy. Now it is back more in tune with our times with an eco-responsible approach: from 2022, the Nina franchise becomes sustainable with the new fragrance Nina Fleur, a fruity citrus floral whose bottle evokes Nina Ricci fashion.

Nina fleur perfumes mujer

Nina Fleur by Nina Ricci

Nina Fleur is an ethical and environmentally friendly fragrance. 92% of its ingredients are of natural origin and come from sustainable circuits. The fragrance opens with a fresh and tangy chord that evokes the crispness of apple with the brightness of lemon from Italy. These explosive notes contrast with a floral heart, a blend of orange blossom and neroli in which naturalness and sensuality form a whole. Cedar, softened with a touch of musk, brings discreetly elegant woody tones. Nina Fleur is like a floral motif reinterpreted by Nina Ricci fashion: a free and modern vision of nature.

With this desire for sustainability, Nina Ricci has not hesitated to reinterpret its iconic apple-shaped bottle: the glass is now 20% recycled and 100% recyclable. The bottle separates easily from its metallized cap for easy recycling. In addition, the house has gone even further by making the 80ml format its first refillable bottle at will.

Nina Fleur 30ml: 50,5€ / Nina Fleur 50ml: 73€ / Nina Fleur 80ml: 90,5€ / Nina Fleur 80ml: 90,5€.

Paris-Paris by Chanel

To step into Paris-Paris is to be carried away by the vibrant and timeless Paris of Gabirelle Chanel; the authenticity of its character and the modernity of its soul. Paris-Paris represents a sparkling floral composition, inspired by the casual elegance of Parisian women. This fragrance is part of the Les Eaux de Chanel collection, a series of six fresh waters that invite you to travel and escape. In 2021 Paris-Edimbourg was launched, and in 2022 Chanel imagines a new journey: Paris-Paris.

Les Eaux de Chanel

Les Eaux de Chanel Collection

At the center of this new journey, Rose Damascena has been chosen, a rose with character and multiple facets accompanied by hints of citrus and revitalized thanks to the incisive pink pepper extract and the elegant patchouli base. It offers an ample and generous fragrance through its enveloping mist that makes you want to be scented all day long.

Paris-Paris de Chanel perfumes mujer

Paris-Paris by Chanel

Paris-Paris corporate the same bottle of curved and refined lines as the rest of the perfumes in the collection. Although its elaboration is very sophisticated, it represents lightness and simplicity. It is made of thin and light glass that reveals a pink fragrance inspired by the reflections produced by the first rays of sunshine in Paris. The black cap is made with materials of biological origin.

Paris-Paris Eau de Toilette 125ml: 135€.

So much for the new fragrances for women. What will be your new summer perfume?