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Written by: Mar Cinca

Undoubtedly, one of the best activities to do on winter weekends are snow getaways. With friends or family, to go skiing or relax; those of us who live in warm countries must make the most of cold weather to enjoy lower temperatures, since they are sparse.

Luxury après-ski hotels offer, during the winter season, many more activities and options than during the rest of the year; which means we get a much more fullfiling and nice experience. Next you will find a selection of destinations, each targeted for different activities, so each family or group of friends can choose their favorite one:

1. Great Luxe close to home: Baqueira Val de Neu Hotel

Placed in Baqueira Beret, at height 1500 and of 5 star Grand Luxe, Val de Neu Hotel opens its doors offering exclusive services for their clients: from water sports for the children to high-end cars at their host’s disposal. With all the best amenities (butler service, an exclusive spa, baby-sitter…) and placed right next to the slopes, it becomes the best option for those looking to relax after an exhausting skiing journey. Its gastronomic offer combines 3 restaurants, and a terrace and chill-out area; with 24/7 room service.


2. Stare at Northern Lights in a privileged environment: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Enjoy nature’s grandest show sleeping in a glass cabin. The aurora season lasts for 8 months in Kakslauttanen, Finland; so you can book the glass igloos from August to April. They are designed for two people and have the option to fit a third bed. Nevertheless, it is also possible to book a wood cabin if we are a bigger family and need more comfort. Finally, for those looking for a unique experience, they also offer actual ice igloos; just like eskimos used to live in. It’s perfect for adventurous families or groups of friends; since you can do many outdoor activities during the day: chasing the northern lights, enjoying the Midnight Sun; and they even offer husky and reindeer safaris. As a curiosity, it was the scenery for Ralph Lauren’s Into The Wild Fall 2015 Campaign.



kakslauttanen_kelo_glass_igloo_above_1366x7683. Ski in the Swiss Alps thanks to the Badrutt’s Palace, in St. Moritz:

Make your dream of becoming queen for a day a reality staying at the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, a symbol of St. Moritz. It’s a palace surrounded by the beautiful scenery of St. Moritz lake, that has housed the royalty and all kinds of celebrities, specially sports lovers who value quality. A discreed service staff, exquisiste luxury and unlimited indulgence make it an historic gem that constantly evolves amongst first class hotels, from its opening in 1896. In skiing and snow polo season they also offer special shows, such as an Orncella Vanoni and Dita Von Teese concert.



4. Slide through the Aspen mountains: St. Regis Aspen Luxury Resort

Classic and sophisticated winters in Aspen find their leading example in the luxurious Resort St. Regis Aspen, in an intrinsically upper class american environment. Its rooms have been designed and furbished by no other than Ralph Lauren, the creator of american storytelling. They also have a luxurious Spa and offer winter activities, from skiing or snowboard to a winter Polo Chamionship and fishing trips. It also has several restaurants and exclusive bars amongst which you can choose; and we recomment you attend the ceremonial champagne sabering that transitions day to night.



5. An exclusive skiing chalet in Japan: One Happo Chalet

Japan is, undobtedly, the country where one can find the most sophisticated and minimalist luxury; and that translates as well into their skiing slopes. The leading example of this is One Happo Chalet. Ipads are all over every room, so one can regulate its temperature or the lighting; getting us nearer to the smart house dream. Thanks to its huge windows, we are able to watch over the marvelous Hakuba skiing resort, in the Japanese Alps. These have over 200 skiable slopes, and have a great après ski ambiance due to the onsen, natural hot water springs; or the traditional tea ceremonies and museums you can find all over the area. There are also many dining options, from the traditional Izakaya to luxury restaurants. One Happo is placed right at 100m from the slopes, and its luxury can be felt both in the carefully selected materials and in the technology details that make it the perfect choice both for the skiing lover to those who want to relax surrounded by the snowy scenery.



One Happo Chalet 106. Courchevel: Winter’s season St. Tropez: Hotel Cheval Blanc

This hotel belongs to the Louis Vuitton Group (LVMH), and its where Bernard Arnault always enjoys the New Year. Courchevel is known as the winter’s St. Tropez due to its affluence of celebrities, jet-setters, royal families… Skiing at its slopes we can find Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, Roman Abramovich, George Clooney, Giorgio Armani or Madonna; amongst many others. The Cheval Blanc Hotel is designed not to be a hotel, but to become a museum you can stay in. It was decorated by Sybille de Margerie, and in its walls one can find Lagerfeld or Murakami’s art hanging. Even its spa is directed by Guerlain, where you’ll be able to relax after an exhausting day sliding through the snow. In Courchevel 1850 ski resort you will also be able to enjoy 70 restaurants that have 12 Michelin stars among them; and luxury is present not only in the skiing station boutiques; but also all over its environment: even in the cable cars, where one can find over 36 illustrations themed after Coco Chanel, Lagerfeld, the double C or camelias. Undoubtedly, this is the most luxuruious hotel and ski resort.

cv le-cheval-blanc-courchevel-6

¿Which winter escapade will you choose this year?