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There are several titles coming out in February. We propose some of them that will allow you to delve deeper into topics such as the relationship between rock and religion, learn more about India or explore Madrid. In addition, linked to well-being and emotional management, we have two proposals to work on good habits and reduce stress.


Our first proposal could not be on any other subject: fashion. The following title delves into the figure of the late designer Karl Lagerfeld from the perspective of his bodyguard.

Ça va, cher Karl ? (How are you, dear Karl?)  by Sébastien Jondeau (Ed. Flammarion)

Launch date: January 27

Following the death of the celebrated fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld almost two years ago, his former bodyguard, Sébastien Jondeau is launching a book about Lagerfeld’s life. This title will be the first book to be published after the designer’s death.


Jondeau was bodyguard of the German designer for more than two decades. Not only was he his bodyguard, but their relationship was very close over time, and Jondeau met Lagerfeld when he was only 15 years old. Their rapport was so good that even the bodyguard went up the catwalk for Chanel. The book has been assisted by journalist Virginie Mouzat, fashion critic for Le Figaro and previously at Vanity Fair France.

The following proposal will allow you to discover more about Greece and its unique hotels, with images and illustrations:

Great Escapes: Greece. The Hotel Book de Angelika Taschen (Taschen)

Launch date: February 13

This 360-page title presents by Angelika Taschen the beauty of Greece. Exactly the hotels with the greatest beauty of the Hellenic country are shown. Apart from the images, brief texts and practical information about each place are included. Greece is a very attractive country both for its natural landscapes and idyllic beaches, as well as for its archaeological remains. Its hotels are equally beautiful, and this book attests to that.


In February, an authentic luxury edition will be released that takes a historical look at one of the most emblematic watches:

Reverso, timeless stories since 1931 by Nicholas Foulkes (Assouline)(Assouline)

Launch date: February 1

This book tells the story of one of the world’s best-known wristwatches, the Reverso manufactured by Jaeger-Lecoultre. To do so, it draws on images, photographs, illustrations as well as texts by Nicholas Foulkes, journalist, historian, writer and watch specialist. As is well stated in its title, Reverso came out in 1931, during the Art Déco period. It explores not only the watch, but also the contexts in which it developed, both socially and culturally. In turn, several owners of this clock have participated by telling their stories.



rock is a very broad world, just like religion. A priori they are two completely different worlds with little relation to each other. But the following proposal shows that no, religion can influence rock.

Aleluya. Mística y religiones en el rock by Alberto Manzano(Ed. Cúpula).

Launch date: February 3

Music journalist and rock music historian Alberto Manzano delves into how religions and spirituality have influenced the great rock artists. Such is the case of Hinduism in George Harrison, Christianity-Judaism in Bob Dylan, Islam in Cat Stevens and Buddhism-Zen in Leonard Cohen. In addition, it also includes the artists: Suzanne Vega, Nick Cave, Sinéad O’Connor, Johnny Cash, Patti Smith or Van Morrison.aleluya-albertomanzano-magazinehorse

Good habits are highly beneficial to our well-being, which is why the following title can be of great help, especially after the difficulty of the last few months.

The Art of Good Habits by Nathalie W. Herman (Ediciones Luciérnaga).

Launch date: February 3

This book by Nathalie W. Herman provides us with a series of exercises to be able to put into practice good habits. Altogether it is a roadmap to well-being and personal satisfaction in order to be happier in our day-to-day lives. These are small but highly effective changes related to health, love, presence and prosperity.


In times when travel is more difficult, the following titles allow us to travel without having to leave home in a detailed and complete way.

Guía del Madrid mágico by Clara Tahoces (Ediciones Luciérnaga).

Launch date: February 3

Discover the most mysterious and esoteric side of Madrid told by  Clara Tahoces. This book presents 150 itinerariesthrough the capital to get to know its most unsuspected and captivating facets. It is a classic that has been updated and completed for this new edition.


The Passenger – India of various authors (Ed. Geoplaneta – Lonely Planet).

Launch date: February 10

Discover India better with this book. From the hand of several authors we can see how life is in the Asian country. Not only this, but it also delves into the millenary history, its places of worship and shrines, as well as its beliefs and linguistic richness. In addition, it shows how this country transits on the road to eliminate poverty and become freer showing both the cheerful face and the rawest face..


After having proposed a book on good habits we bring you another one that helps to reduce stress through the “niksen” a Dutch method that consists of doing nothing.

Niksen, the Dutch art of doing nothing by Annette Lavrijsen (Ed. Dome).

Launch date: February 17

Annette Lavrijsen introduces us to “niksen“, the Dutch method for increasing creativity, improving mood and achieving greater productivity while doing nothing. It highlights how the small breaks in life are important for our own self-care. That is, taking life slower to live better. Previously in Magazine Horse we have already talked about what is niksen. According to psychologists and mental health specialists it is beneficial to set aside time to “do nothing“, especially for people who suffer from stress and who want to slow down their pace of life without having to stop being productive.


All images have been provided by the respective publishers.

These are some of the proposals, as you have seen, they are very varied and have a lot to contribute. We hope you like them and that they make February more bearable.