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Runaways, fashion shows, brand launches, if you want to know what will be the trendy makeup for this season pay attention. In Horse we have compiled the most outstanding makeup trends for this fall-winter and we have summarized them in 7 keys to get the latest makeup.

1-Natural and shiny skin

One of the most favorable trends: the perfect skin look but natural. With the hashtag #Iwokeuplikethis as a mantra, this type of makeup is characterized by a corrected face, but with light foundation cream and quite marked spots. The undone hair look applied to the world of makeup where nude shades are the main stars.

Many have been the designers who have flooded the runaways with this trend. The perfection and opulence that characterize these runaways are relaxed and bet on the natural beauty. Michael Kors has been, undoubtedly, the strongest supporter of this trend. Their models wore the designs through the New York Fashion Week with just a drop of makeup. Naked eyes, without shadows or mascaras. On the skin, some imperfections are left visible and the only thing that seems to have makeup are the eyebrows, to frame the look, the illuminator touches that draw the face and a light gloss nude on the lips.

Michael Kors, New York Fashion Week

2-Smokey look in colder shades

Color arrives to paint our eyes with blue, purple and red this season. With smokey makeup in these shades, the look deepens and gives a certain drama to our looks. A special night and a simple dress; why not make a difference by betting on this trend? Many have been the firms that have included shadows in these shades among their new campaigns.

Kristen Steward wears smokey eyes in blue from Chanel’s “Les 4 ombres”. Bottom left: eye with several shades with MAC girls Rockin’ Rebel; Magenta look with ART LINE eyeliner bronze metallic color by Lancome; blue shadows of the MATTE METALLIC collection

3-Eyelashes full of color and metallic

In total contrast with a natural look and at the same time its perfect complement. An explosion of color will make our eyes vibrate with mascaras full of color. Perfect to give an original touch to both a daily simple look and for a more special occasion. Estée Lauder is committed to give prominence to the eyelashes with the launch of Pure Color Envy Lash Mascara.

Pure Color Mascaras Envy Lash by Estée Lauder.

Metallic is very present in shadows and lipsticks but do not forget eyelashes. When we want to give that glamor look to our eyes, YSL proposes Vinyl Couture with 9 shades of mascaras among which the golden and silver color cannot be forgotten.

Vinyl Couture mascaras in a metallized gold and silver by YSL

4-Shades? In dark and metallic tones

Strong shades, glitter and metallic shines: these are the stars among eye shadows. Because yes, they return full of color and with them endless possibilities. A deep smokey and with metallic sparkles is the perfect choice for a special night. Makeup is beauty, but it is also fun and creativity. Do you dare?

Metalizer Eyes & Lips, by Dior

The Metalizer Eyes & Lips, by Dior, is a hybrid product for lips and eyes that gives color with a chrome effect. It is one of the latest launches of the firm, very consistent with this trend and novel in its format. It is available in six different shades.

5-Yes to the eyeliner

We continue with the eyes but now we change to another of the protagonists of the fall-winter makeup trends: the eyeliner. We will see it in black, more traditional, but also in color (or colors), inverted, thicker … the possibilities are endless!

Makeup from Versace’s fall-winter runaway.

We saw it in the Versace or Yves Saint Laurent fashion shows, although brands have also focused on promoting this product, which has become indispensable.

Photo above: green eyeliner with pink tip purplish Snow Ball Pigment by MAC; beside a model with a barrow street eyeliner by NARS; bottom left two proposals of down eye liner by YSL; on the right longline fluidline in macroviolet by MAC, eyeliner made with a gel eyeliner that is applied with a brush

6-Vamp lips

A trend that has been accompanying us for several seasons and that, although it has competitors this fall-winter, continues to lead. Very dark, reddish, burgundy and brownish tones of lipstick as the central point of makeup.

Photos above. On the left Dior campaign image; on the right Powermatte Lip Pigment Paint in black by NARS; Bottom left lipstic of the new MAC Velvet Matte collection; on the right Tatouage Couture mixed with shadow #4 Purple identity by YSL

7-Back to the 80s: Metallic glitter and glossy effect

Shine, shine and more shine! That is the key of this season for a trendy makeup. Powerful illuminators, juicy bases, metallic leftovers and glitter are the keys to the get latest makeup. These keys also work with lips. We say goodbye to the matte lipsticks and say hello to lipsticks with more creamy textures and gloss, those forgotten ones that now return to our lives.

Liv lipstick from the Audacious collection by NARS mixed with transparent gloss.

The metallic finish is transferred to the lips by Dior, which has added new shades with this finish to its Rouge Liquid line.

Dior Rouge Liquid in Vibrant Metal and Poison Metal tones

What are the keys for makeup this season? Natural and bright with touches of fun, experimentation, creativity and color. An extravagant and colorful makeup on the one hand and jovial and bright on the other. What trend will you dare to apply?