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Luxury hotels work day after day so that their customers can continue to stay despite the limitations. That is why today we bring you seven hotels with Michelin star restaurant, with which you will enjoy an unforgettable getaway.

1- Monument Hotel: Martín Berasategui’s Gastronomy now also to take away

This luxurious Hotel enjoys the gastronomy of the Chef awarded with 12 Michelin stars 4 of which he holds in this Hotel, with the restaurants Lasarte and Oria.


Entrance to the Monument Hotel.

Currently there are many restrictions in both restaurants, so the Monument Hotel has devised a series of dishes “take away” made by the hand of Chef Martín Berasategui. The initiative is called “At home with Martín by Monument Hotel”, and can be enjoyed from Wednesday to Sunday. The price of the dishes you will find them in the menu on their website, and there is no specific menu, they go separately. Some of the dishes recommended in this initiative are:

  • The Martintxo sandwich with its delicious sardine sauce,
  • Carabinero salad.
  • Veal tail ravioli with foie gras and port sauce
  • Slices of smoked scallop with porrusalada of almonds and ham.
  • Pastrami muffin with smoked piparra and mustard, arugula and parmesan salad
  • Wagyu melt, celeriac and teriyaki sauce
  • Small squid rabas in its ink
  • martin-berasategui-magazinehorse

    Left: Slices of smoked scallop with almond and ham porrusalada. Right: Veal tail ravioli with foie and port sauce.

Another of the initiatives that the Monument Hotel offers is the “early booking“, a 15% discount promotion that you can acquire by booking in advance. This offer, apart from a stay in a luxurious room also offers abubbly cocktail at Hall0 during your stay, a express facial treatment of 30 minutes at its Valmont Spa, and a Amenitie welcome in-room.

Images courtesy of Monument Hotel

Address: Passeig de Gràcia 75,08008 Barcelona

2- Hotel Casa Cacao: El Celler de Can Roca and the perfect fusion of three brothers

The Hotel Casa Cacao, has the seal of El Celler de Can Roca. Many ideas of the dishes offered have beencreated by Joan Roca, as well as the wines have been chosen by Josep Roca and the sweets prepared by Jordi Roca.

The Terrace where the Gastronomic Brunch is held.

And if you plan to eat there, it is advisable to make a reservation, since the gastronomic brunch offered by Hotel Casa Cacao is a unique experience. Previously access to La Terraza was an exclusive element for guests, but now as a novelty, if you book in advance, you can enjoy this brunch without staying inside.


Brunch gastronómico del hotel Casa Cacao.

La Terraza has magnificent Premium views, which can only be enjoyed exclusively by diners who are going to enjoy the gastronomic brunch. This has a total value of 40€ and the menu consists of:

  •  Cava welcome drink.
  • Bread with tomato, sausages and cheeses from local producers.
  •  Egg a la villaroise.
  •  Veal round steak cooked at low temperature with moniato puree.
  • Seasonal fruit.
  • Peralada yogurt accompanied with cocoa muesli from Casa Cacao.
  • A cup of hot chocolate, together with a tower of sweets from Casa Cacao composed of: FartoneXuixo filled with chocolate, Bombones and carambinas of cocoa beans.


Pictures courtesy of Hotel Casa Cacao

Address: Plaça de Catalunya, 23, 17002 Girona

3- Molino de Alcuneza: Boutique hospitality inside a mill.

Only an hour and a half from Madrid, situated 5km from the medieval Sigüenza, we find the Molino de Alcuneza, another of our hotels with Michelin star gastronomy. It all started when in 1992 the Moreno family decided to buy a stone mill to renovate it into a hotel with 17 rooms, restaurant and spa.


Exterior of the Hotel Molino de Alcuneza.

This hotel also has a Michelin-starred gastronomy. Samuel Moreno runs the restaurant, and from the very beginning it was clear to him that he wanted to create a destination for the gourmet public on a national level. Based on seasonality, Samuel changes the menu three times a year. For the upcoming spring and summer months, Samuel has prepared a series of dishes that rely on the best moment of the quality of the national product.


Low temperature black angus rib with eggplant in honey barbecue and Guadalajara aromatics.

There are three types of menus and three prices: the Enjoy Menu which is priced at 58€, the Mill Menu which is priced at 62€, and the Celebrate Menu which is priced at 79€. Here is a sample of what you can find in their menu:

  • Navarrese asparagus with Galician cockles and black garlic aioli
  • Pig’s feet noodle with shrimp in its own way.
  • Lacquered trout with hoisin sauce, roe and tempura sisho leafs
  • Sardine salad with thyme and beet gazpacho
  • Cocochas de bacalao with red shrimp, crumbs and black garlic soup.
  • As for the meat, the pigeon de Bresse, the robata with foie gras, wheat, negrillo and grapes and the low temperature black angus rib with eggplant in honey barbecue and Guadalajara aromatics will stand out.

Samuel bets for elaborating every day his breads in an artisanal way and with organic flours from his area. The secret of his bread is to use the same yeast with which bread was made 500 years ago, there are no other ingredients added apart from water and salt.

Images provided by Molino de Alcuneza

Address: Carretera Alboreca, km. 0.5, 19264 Alcuneza, Guadalajara

4- Hotel Único: Chef Ramon Freixa’s gastronomic proposal.

The Hotel Único restaurant, Ramón Freixa Madrid, has been awarded 2 Michelin stars and 3 Repsol Suns and we are not surprised since it offers a menu always marked by the seasonality of the product. The star ingredients of its dishes vary with the seasons, so tasting a menu seasonally would be like tasting the different acts of the 4 seasons of Vivaldi.

Ramón Freixa Restaurant at Hotel Único.

Ramón Freixa Madrid, has several types of tasting menus so that all guests who visit the restaurant can enjoy a gastronomic experience tailored to their needs, and that is why it is another of our hotels with Michelin star gastronomy. One of the pleasures of the restaurant is to taste The Perfect Brunch, a lighter menu devised by the chef and served in the quiet interior garden of the hotel. Gil Rovira, the sommelier, Gil Rovira, is in charge of the wine pairing for each guest.

The Chef Ramón Freixa defines the restaurant concisely:

“Perfection and Audacity, with a touch of humor”.

There are two types of menus to choose from: the Discovering RFM menu priced at 90€ and the Freixa Universe menu priced at 145€. The former is milder than the latter in case you fancy a lighter menu. Some of the dishes found on the midday symphonic menu are:

– In the Prelude: Tomato and basil caprese bombon, there is an intruder in the tomato: shot partridge and artichokes, tomato caviar with nitro ratatouille and it is not what it seems: vegetable chop tartare.


Tomato caviar dish with nitro ratatouille, part of the Discovering R.F. Prelude.

– In the Sequences: Lujuria: elvers carbonara, Iberian bacon and Sea and mountain caviars, octopus vs Foie; collagen of veal tendons and tuna, Jurassic white on black braised endive and cappuccino with vermouth, Royal hare tubers and truffle; parfait of its interiors and consommé with brandy de Jerez.

– In the Sweet Moment: A trip from Cuba to Belgium: pineapple, rum, beer and waffle, Chocolate guanaja 70%, creamy black sesame, saffron, honey and lemon.

– And finally the letter shows us the Sweet Epilogue.


Images courtesy of Hotel Único

Address: Ramón Freixa Madrid, located inside the Hotel Único at Claudio Coello, 67, Salamanca.

5- Hotel Arts: La Enoteca del Chef Paco Pérez returns with “El arroz de Paco” as a new gastronomic plan.

La Enoteca del Chef Paco Pérez could not be missing in this article. The restaurant is awarded with two Michelin stars and because of the pandemic had remained closed until this past February. Chef Paco Pérez reinvents himself and opens the new season of Enoteca at the Hotel Arts with “El arroz de Paco”, turning a Sunday plan into the most special one. This menu has a price of 85€ per person and offers the possibility to complete the experience of haute cuisine with a stay in one of the rooms or suites.


The Enoteca of the Hotel Arts.

Chef Paco Pérez explains about Paco’s Rice that:

“We want our customers to recreate in Enoteca a special Sunday, as a couple or with the family, with seasonal products and proximity.”


Photograph of the rice by Paco Perez.

If you prefer, your guests can enjoy the maximum expression of contemporary cuisine with the “Tasting Menu in 11 steps“. Hotel Arts, in its splendor also offers the “Two Michelin Star Experience” from 500€ for two people, which adds to the tasting menu the accommodation in one of the rooms or suites and breakfast the next day. Here are some of the dishes of the Two Michelin Star Experience:

  • Consommé of earth.
  • Coca de recapte
  • Foie and truffle fritter.
  • Ham tomato and knife
  • Salpicón tartlet.
  • Tuna loin, sea urchins, caviar and marine silk
  • Black truffle and sea urchin rice.


Images courtesy of Hotel Arts

Address: Carrer de Marina 19-21 08005 Barcelona, Spain

6- Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine: The true luxury of sustainability

This five-star hotel, and its particular winery reopen their doors and start the season on March 12. They are located in a 12th century monastery founded by the Premonstratensian Order in Spain, which is what gives it all its magic.

Abadia-Retuerta-LeDomain-overview-Magazine Horse

General view of Hotel Abadía Retuerta.

Just two hours from Madrid, it is the first hotel in Spain with a full butler service. So staying at Le Domaine translates into asubtle and comfortable form of hospitality, so the butlers anticipate all the needs of guests to achieve the goal of the stay: total disconnection.


Assortment of Refectorio dishes.

Let us not forget that Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine is a gastronomic destination, which Chef Marc Segarra, gets a Michelin star and a Green star in Refectory, giving a sustainable cuisine, and guided by the seasonal product. His philosophy is articulated in three menus that are only served during dinner hours: Terrueño priced at 130€, Legado priced at 150€ and Carpe Díem priced at 170€.

Some of the dishes that make up these menus are:

  • LeDomaine cocktail
  • Medina del Campo prawn pie.
  • Almond Truffle with Foie Gras
  • Trout, iodized pickled and flame grilled eggplant and Oscietra caviar
  • Red shrimp and stewed tongue
  • Leaf litter
  • Wagyu cutlet lacquered with sweet and sour sauce, turnip and hazelnut purée
  • 3D Campoveja Cheese with rosemary and olive paste
  • Gianduja rock, chocolate ganache and cut stick ice cream.
  • Candy de Abadia Retuerta Special Selection


Images provided by Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine

Address: N-122 km 332.5, 47340, Valladolid

7- Hotel Ca l’Arpa: Disconnect with its gastronomic getaways.

 This Gastronomic hotel located in Banyoles is characterized by offering you an experience adapted to your needs. The Chef, Pere Arpa transmits the spirit of the old family houses dish by dish.


Double room at the gastronomic Hotel Ca l’Arpa.

The getaways they currently offer are:

First, they have the Romantic Escape, where you book the superior double room, add a lunch served at the table with natural products and a seasonal menu.  This has: appetizer, 4 courses and two desserts and wine pairing. This getaway can be booked for 300 € from the web.

This Michelin Star hotel also offers you the possibility of booking a Gastronomic Getaway.  This includes one night in the superior double room, breakfast served at the table, and the Tasting menu that includes wine pairing, appetizer, 6 courses and 2 desserts. This getaway costs a total of 340€.


Laminated duck with apple and pine nuts from Ca l’Arpa.

Thirdly, they offer the Escape Gastro & Lovers which includes one night in a superior double room, breakfast served at the table with natural products, and finally the seasonal menu that includes: wine pairing, appetizer, 3 courses and two desserts. The price of this pack is 260€.

Finally, the gastronomic Hotel Ca l’Arpa offers the Weekend Escape. This, unlike the previous ones, includes two nights accommodation in a superior double room. Like the others, it includes breakfast served at the table, a Seasonal Menu and a Tasting Menu with wine pairing included. This getaway is the longest, and has a value of 590€.

Images courtesy of Hotel Ca l’Arpa

Address: Passeig de la Indústria, 5 – 17820 – Banyoles