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Has a smell ever transported you to a place or a specific moment in your life? Smells have the magical power to make us relive moments, places and people.

How to capture the freshness of the breeze in front of the sea or the reaction of our skin to the first drops of rain on a summer afternoon?


You can sit down to write a letter to perpetuate the sensations of a sunny day, the rest that summer offers us connecting with a calm and diaphanous lifestyle.


Left Marble sculpture Jessi Rask. Right Roller girl swimsuit with “confetti Giallo” print and notebook Blu Mediterraneo by La DoubleJ.

A fragrance that defines a lifestyle

We all have a predilection for certain scents whether sweet, woody, floral….,

We could say that personality and fragrance have a relationship that goes back to antiquity. Aqua di Parma, which since 1916, invites us to enjoy the Blue Mediterraneo unisex collection to welcome the summer with all its sensations and perfect to share as a couple.  

Acqua di Parma-by-Horse1

Fresh notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, fig nectar, pink pepper and jasmine petals, with woody notes of fig tree, benzoin and cedar Fico Di Amalfi takes us to the spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast, transporting us to a universe of well-being, serene and enveloped in nature.

With all-natural revitalizing properties

The revitalizing scent of Mirto Di Panarea inspired a green and aromatic shrub that grows on the island of Panarea, the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, a magical place where time stands still. In the first moment we appreciate the myrtle, combined with basil, lemon and bergamot followed by a combination of jasmine and rose that ends with a woody background thanks to the cedar resin and amber.

A journey through the island of Capri leads you to the Arancia Di Capri intensely relaxing eau de toilettewhose meaning _Oranges of Capri_ lead us to the aromas of essential oils of Capri Orange, mandarin and lemon. An explosion of energy and vitality.

The citron, bergamot and citrus elements of Bergamotto Di Calabria take us on a stimulating journey through the Calabria region. Its delicate aroma, rests on our skin like the soft breeze first thing in the morning.

To describe what inspires us in images is to enter a universe full of gardens, a white, spacious house, full of corners that invite you to reflect, to rest, to smile with freshness at a dinner with friends, to contemplate your surroundings as a work of art.

The swaying of the waves of the sea accompanies the breathing. The sun filters through the leaves of the trees while tranquility invades every word of a notebook that is filled with ideas and thoughts.


Remembering that moment will be irremediably linked to a fragrance, blending with the other smells that surround us.

A fragrance made images

To define in images the essence of a fragrance is to dive into our senses and emotions. To capture these sensations in images is to communicate moments full of simplicity, shared with people we love…, to show the beauty of being human.

Acqua Di Parma by Horse

A perfume goes beyond a gift or a whim. A fragrance is the desire to keep in our memory all those sensations and images forever, being able to relive them with the magic of its perfume.

A sensory stroll through the Mediterranean. The unmistakable freshness of sunsets full of charm, the seductive touch of tranquility and the softness of unique moments.


All the essences needed to create a summer atmosphere where the joy and spirit of summer join the summer design of a capsule collection Blu Mediterraneo by La DoubleJ, wrapping us with towels, original swimsuits and lifestyle accessories full of color and elegance.

Welcoming summer and all its emotions is a privilege for the senses. And fragrances help us to make those moments unforgettable when we perceive the scent of a perfume again.

Acqua di Parma-by-Horse5

Live the summer intensely, take time for yourself, enrich each day with your unique and unmistakable way of feeling.

Take a few seconds of your time to travel back in time. What memories do certain summer fragrances bring back to you?