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Here are this year’s most original advent calendars to countdown to 2021 in the best possible way.

December is a magical month. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for family gatherings, streets decorated with lights and, above all, gifts. To warm up, we show you the most interesting and special advent calendars of this year.


Guerlain offers this year an advent calendar of the most original and aesthetic. The beauty and cosmetics brand presents The Guerlain Beehive, which contains 25 surprises such as perfumes, scented candles, scented soaps, day and night creams, body oils, lipsticks,  ceramics for perfuming and a bee bracelet. In 1853 was the first time Guerlain used the bee symbol on one of its products. Since then, it has become an icon of the brand. That is why, with this calendar and its other products, the brand is committed to working in a sustainable way and to protecting bees to prevent their extinction.


La Colmena de Guerlain Advent Calendar

Cocoa House

Casa Cacao is the hotel and chocolate workshop of the Roca brothers. Located in the center of Girona, in this boutique they work with the cocoa bean to reach the final product. If you feel like sweetening Christmas in a very special way, Casa Cacao offers an advent calendar with 24 surprises ranging from clouds, through tablets, chocolates, carambinas, jelly beans, candies and even meringues, all with chocolate as the protagonist.


Casa Cacao Advent Calendar


For makeup lovers, there are also many options. One of them is the advent calendar by Nars. It contains 12 full-size lipsticks: four velvet matte lip pencial, four lipsticks and four powermatte lip pigment.


Nars Advent Calendar

Food Spring Finest Fitness

One of the most original advent calendars: Food Spring Finest Fitness for athletes. 24 surprises such as protein cookies, protein bars, supplements, a skipping rope, a hat or protein creams in different flavors. Enjoy the holidays without losing sight of your fitness goal.


Calendar of Advent Foodspring Finest Fitness Selection

My Rebotica

The natural cosmetics brand Mi Rebotica is offering this year an Advent calendar with its most popular products. Hair masks, lip oils, shampoos, conditioners, serums and creams, toners, anti-stretch mark and fat burning creams and perfumes are just some of the gifts you can enjoy. All their products are made with 100% natural ingredients.


Mi Rebotica Advent Calendar


The infusion brand Cupper brings you one of the most original and relaxing advent calendars. Its product contains 24 sachets of teas, among which you will find digestive, depurative, antioxidant or relaxing teas. All their infusions are made with quality raw materials and ecological cultivation, without artificial additives.


Cupper Advent Calendar


The HOPT brand is committed to a fun and surprising advent calendar based on beer. This year they’re giving it a twist to create the Beery Christmas 2021, a calendar with 25 craft beers from different countries.


Beery Christmas Advent Calendar by HOPT

And you, which one do you choose?


Images provided by the brands mentioned above.