If you are a demanding traveller who wants to make the most of your time and looks for the maximum comfort, the luxury company Safrans du Monde has just launched a dream route: A TOUR AROUND THE WORLD IN 22 DAYS ACROSS THE MOST MYTHICAL AND AMAZING PLACES ON THE PLANET IN AN AIR CRUISE

The French tour operator is specialised in elite tourism and has planned an air cruise with a A340 private jet that will travel around the world. When? From 19th November to 10th December 2016.

This superb tour will make all your wishes come true because it includes many of the must-see places that one should see at least once in their lifetime: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Machu Pichu (Peru), Easter Island (Chile), Moorea or Bora Bora (Tahiti), Auckland (New Zealand), Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Mandalay (Myanmar), Agra and the Taj Mahal (India), Amman/Petra (Jordan) and Paris (France).

The cultural contrasts, the nature at its purest state, the most emblematic hotels of each country, the maximum comfort and service, aboard the private jet, and the best expert guides will turn this air cruise into a truly great experience.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet. safrans du mondeInteriors of the jet

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet. safrans du mondeA340 private jet

About the tour

Days 19th and 20th November – The starting point is Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), the sunny city with breathtaking views, gentle people, music and joy. You’ll see the peak Sugarloaf Mountain, the Bay of Copacabana and Christ the Redeemer, which is considered the biggest art deco statue in the world and recognised as one of the New7Wonders of the World. All of these accompanied by the best Carioca food and while enjoying a samba show.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet, rio de janeiroChrist the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro)

Days 21st and 22nd November – The first event on schedule is the visit to Machu Pichu (Peru), listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983. Its particular architectural and landscape characteristics, and the enigmatic veil that has been carefully knitted around it, have transformed it into one of the top tourist destinations of the world.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jetMachu Pichu ruins

Days 23rd and 24th November – The natural beauty and the mysterious and ancient culture of the Rapa Nui ethnic group will captivate you with its prominent trace related to the enormous statues known as Moai, placed in Easter Island (Chile).

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jetMoai statues in Easter Island

Days 24th to 27th November – You will relax as never before once you arrive at Bora Bora (Tahiti), a paradise located in the French Polynesia. You will visit spectacular places, like the zahara gardens where there is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by exuberant nature, or the natural caves of Maraa.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet, polynesiaTahiti Nui natural caves (Polynesia)


A short trip to Moorea, Tahiti’s sister island

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet, mooreaMoorea Island

26th November: TahitiMooreaTahiti

Dance, flowers and the ancient tattoo art will make the most of your day, a day that you’ll remember forever, found in a unique environment with white sand and turquoise water. The Moorea Island, 17 km away from Papeete, is only reachable by boat in 40 minutes. It still preserves its authenticity due to the fact that it’s the less populated island (18,000 residents).

Here you will visit, among others, the stunning Bélvèdere viewpoint, which offers the most impressive views of the islands. From there you’ll see the Bays of Cook and Apunohu that are separated by the sacred mountain named Rotui and considered truly natural monuments.

As the finishing touch of the day, dinner will be enlivened by a typical dance of the island, which is a very important aspect of the Polynesian culture.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet, tahitiBora Bora (Tahiti)

Days 28th and 29th November – Sadly, you’ll have to leave the Polynesian hospitality, only to immerse into the amazing Maori culture in New Zealand. The next day, the city of Auckland will be the starting point from where you’ll get into a fascinating adventure in the vast region of Rotorua, the Maori’s cultural place, including native songs, dance, art and architecture. Due to the high geothermal activity of the area, there are thermal waters and boiling mud pools.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jetThermal region in Rotorua (New Zealand)

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jetThermal region in Rotorua (New Zealand)

We highly recommend you to visit the Rainbow Springs National Park to see the famous kiwis, the national birds in New Zealand.
air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet, new zealand                            Baby kiwi in the Rainbow Springs National Park in Rotorua (New Zealand)

Day 30th November – You’ll arrive at Cairns (Australia), the land of kangaroos and aborigines that will welcome you with open arms. The arrival is scheduled to be at noon. After settling in the hotel, you’ll enjoy a brief tour around Kouranda, an ancient mining village of Australia and you’ll visit the astonishing waterfalls in Barron Falls.

barron falls, air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jetBarron Falls (Australia)

The 1st of December, the air cruise will leave towards the Great Barrier Reef, the biggest coral reef in the world with 2,600 km in length. It was acknowledged by the UNESCO due to its vast natural beauty. You’ll have time to enjoy your lunch during this trip in the middle of this earthly paradise before navigating in the Coral Sea and dive into the water or, as an alternative, you can board a submarine to observe the marine universe. There are plenty of choices! Later, you’ll get back to the Australian continent to enjoy dinner.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet, australiaThe Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

The 2nd of December, the air cruise will head to Hanoi. Once again, it’ll be a pleasant change of landscape and a new opportunity to discover more new cultures. As the capital of Vietnam, the city is considered one of the main cultural centres of the country. There you’ll visit many monuments of cultural and historical interest, as the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum or the Trấn Quốc Pagoda, the oldest in the city. Also you’ll have time to taste the exquisite Vietnamese cuisine.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet                                                                                            Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jet, pagodaTrấn Quốc Pagoda

Regardless of the cruise type of your choice, both will lead you to Halong Bay for one day (3rd and 4th December), which was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There you’ll navigate through its beautiful islands and discover the villages and fishing caves of this idyllic place. Your adventure will be surrounded by a mystic and enigmatic environment that will surely please you.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jetHalong Bay (Vietnam)

Days 5th to 7th December – You’ll enjoy one of the most spiritual visits of the whole air cruise in Mandalay, considered the cradle of culture and Budist teaching tradition in Birmania. This place is characterised by its serenity and its sunsets on the river, which will be the prelude to the first dinner of your stay. After eating, you’ll be amazed by a local show performed by dancers that will that will make their instruments vibrate in the rhythm of the local music of Birmania. Isn’t it the best way to absorb the local culture?

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jetBudist disciples (Mandalay)

Also, you’ll pay a visit to the Shwenandaw Monastery, a magnificent example of the traditional Burmese architecture, an excellent work made of wood engravings. This building was constructed over a number of different layers, being the four-layer roof the most attractive of them. There is also the famous Kuthodaw Pagoda that stores the biggest engraved book on earth.

air cruise, travels, luxury travels, private jetShwenandaw Monastery (Mandalay)

air cruise, travels, luxury travelsKuthodaw Pagoda

Prepare yourself for the second day because you’ll go on an unparalleled trip. In the morning, you’ll cross the Irrawaddy River among dolphins and aboard typical boats of Birmania, arriving at Pondawphaya Pagoda and Settawya Pagoda, where you’ll see the Mingun Bell, one of the biggest bells in the world still intact. After having lunch, we recommend you to visit the ancient city of Ava, where you’ll be fascinated by the ancient Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery and by the stunning Bagaya Monastery made of wood.

air cruise, birmania, travels, luxury travelsAva, former capital of Birmania

air cruiseMaha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery (Ava, Mandalay, Myanmar)

Day 7th December – You’ll embark again on the private jet destined to the incredible India. Immediately after landing, you’ll be captivated by another fabulous and amazing New7Wonders of the World. The Taj Mahal is considered the most beautiful example of Mughal architecture. This gorgeous place will excite you due to its perfect symmetry and the intense serenity. You’ll finish the day at the hotel, where traditional music and dances will be waiting for you while you discover new tastes of the most sophisticated Indian food.

air cruise, travels, taj mahalTaj Mahal, India

Days 8th to 10th December – You’ll leave Agra to go to the Jordan city of Petra. Lunch will take place aboard while flying over Amman, the capital of Jordan, before arriving at the legendary city of Petra, the Nabateans’ land, where you’ll discover the extraordinary excavated and carved-in-stone city. You’ll walk across the coloured stones full of history. Like being in the middle of a movie setting, you’ll feel the finesse of the nomadic people through the precision of the rock sculptures. For the last night, a sumptuous feast under the stars will be waiting for you. For sure it will not leave you indifferent and it will be the best closure for this amazing air cruise around the world.

air cruiseThe Monastery of Petra

air cruiseThe Lost city of Stone (Jordan)

Day 10th December – Before coming back to your departure point, you’ll meet the Bedouins of the Wadi Rum Desert driving a 4×4, and you’ll also see fabulous landscapes and the immensity of a sand dune desert. Moreover, you’ll have lunch in the company of the locals and therefore you’ll know their way of life and understand their traditions. This will be the last step before embarking on the private jet for the last time during this fascinating air cruise to go back to France.

air cruiseWadi Rum Desert


Incomparable flight

Although it may be hard to believe, the destinations are not our sole attractive aspect. The tour operator has designed two routes with different prices for the travellers to choose the one that best adapts to their expectations.

The more economic, “L’Espace Safrans” has space for 201 travellers and its price ranges around 21,900 €.

The “Première classe” tour, with space for 36, can be booked from 45,700 €. This option includes seat-beds inside the plane, a private lounge-bar on board where you can share your travel experiences with other travellers, a personalized cellar, a selection of exclusive luxury hotels, trips in small groups, travel to and from Machu Pichu aboard the Hiram Bingham train, stay in Bora Bora, and many more special attentions.

air cruiseThe interiors of the A340 jet have all the comfort and the best service

The prices include: all the flights by private jet, accommodation in five-star hotels, full pension with beverages, multilingual expert guides, trips and private theme parties.

If you’re willing to live a unique experience in your life, like enjoying nature in its purest state, knowing other cultures and want to have a personalized tour with attention to its last detail in order to be incredible, the Horse team invites you to take the opportunity of experimenting a dream air cruise, and leaves you the necessary information to book right now and get the engine started for what is, undoubtedly, going to be the best experience of your life by the hand of Safrans du Monde.


Information and bookings: www.safransdumonde.com

Tel. +33 1 48 78 71 51