50 Days by Albert Adrià is the title owned by the colaboration with the Catalan chef and The Café Royal Hotel in London,  a gastronomic pop-up that promises gastronomic desires, culinary challenges and chemistry between the client and the  dish.

7659-51174Named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential chefs of gastronomy, Adrià has dared to this international experience after spending the last 30 years working in Spain.

To this, he replied “I want the experience of cooking for a different audience that I have achieved so far in Barcelona, and accept the challenge of the London and British production” he has also ensured “I will serve modern and neo-classical food with inspiration from all around the world”.

An affirmation that makes sence taking into consideration that in his restaurant in Barcelona, Pakta, serves both, Peruvian, Japanese food or an influence of them, a kind of food that will also be proposed in the menu proposed by the chef and.

The journey will begin in the opulent Oscar Wilde Bar with a assortment of cocktails and will end in the stunning surroundings of The Domino restaurant. These beverages will be accompanied by a plate of snacks, which include, for example, corn flour snails filled with pesto.

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Absinthe cocktail. Image from the Official account of the chef

Cafe Royal hotel - Grill Room_1

High quality meat, vegetables cooked with surprising techniques or  fresh green peas from a nord-eastern city of Catalonia, Scotish duck o wild oysters from Galway, Ireland, besides from mushroom spaguetti’, Norwegian crab with ginger and garlic sauce or Spanish stew fish are some of the delicious proposals.

Some of the dinners are served in specially produced for the occasion shell shaped plates.

Chef and Hotel have overcame with this selection of exquisite and exotic delicacies in this very special synergy for 50 days.

From February 12th until April 9th, ¡Make your reservation in the Café Royal!