The Milan International Furniture Fais is the most anticipated event for the global home industryThe meeting point of manufacturers, designers, decorators and distributors of furniture and accessories. This 2018 edition will take place between Tuesday, April 17th and Sunday, 22nd of the same month.

It seems incredible that this national fair of Italian furniture, which arose in 1961 for the need to show the elements destined to fill the transalpine homes that had remained empty after the war, is nowadays the biggest reference in the world within this sectorBut that’s the way it is, and with respect to such honor there is total unanimity.

The Milan International Furniture Fair is the most visited around the world

International Furniture Fair and more

The denomination of International Furniture Fair already indicates that the main protagonists of the event are tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets and any element of furniture that we imagine and desire. But in Milan we can find that and much more.

For example, there is a large area called Salone Internazionale del Arredo, which is entirely dedicated to the world of decorationAll trends of ornamental accessories are there, classic lines or absolutely groundbreaking styles. A part of the room that can look like an art gallery and that inspires homes to be a piece of art.

What awaits us in this edition of the International Furniture Fair?

In addition, we can find a very important area for kitchens and bathroomsBoth spaces with their particular and biennial competitions, where you can see the aesthetic and technological aspects of these rooms.

The future of furniture design

Finally, the Milanese fair always looks at the future, and for this reason there is a section called SaloneSatellite where young creators under 35 can make their work known. Each year there are many prototypes in this contest and a significant percentage of them end up becoming a reality.

The SaloneSatellite, the great opportunity for the future designers

It happens every year and it will also happen in this 2018 edition. So all those young people who think they have some interesting design, should take the initiative and go. In Milan you will find headhunters pleased to meet you. It is not a slogan, it is a reality.

The current furniture panorama

Except for Sunday, when the International Furniture Fair opens for the general public, the rest of the week is only for professionals of the sector. Therefore, here we can find the best among best and with the most trendy proposals in contemporary homes.

It is possible to see approaches where aesthetics are combined not only for aesthetics itself, but also for design, functionality, use and application of technologies or environmental sustainabilityIt is a sample of enormous quality, which is a result of highly studied works in which investors and creative personalities are involved.

Some of these creative are widely known names, but in other areas than furniture. We refer to Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Hermes, Fendi, Versace,… firms increasingly present in contemporary home design.

It would be impossible to tell you about everything that you will find in the International Furniture Show, so here you have some proposals to get started.

Chairs from Marni

The firm Marni has been participating for many years in the Milan International Furniture Fair and returns with a collection inspired by Colombian lands, in the typical paths or patios that articulate the daily life of these rural communities in that Latin American country.

Colombian inspiration for the new Marni collection

But Marni has not only inspired in Colombia, they have also counted on its artisans to make chairs that recall the local fauna or to weave the textiles of the hammocks that will receive visitors at their stand. In short, a very striking and sustainable proposal attached to earth.

Roberto Cavalli Home and tropical luxury

Another firm from the fashion world already settled in the home sector. As a main feature of this Florentine house, Roberto Cavalli Home’s proposals are framed in a sense of timeless luxury, although its contemporary intention is clear.


The Tropic, its fauna and flora, inspires the proposal of Roberto Cavalli Home

At the Milan International Furniture Fair, the name of Cavalli will be seen in tropical furniture for dining rooms, bedrooms or living rooms. This inspiration in the jungle is reflected in luxurious tableware with touches of gold and platinum. And of course, in Roberto Cavalli’s vast stand, there are also textiles (bedding or blankets, …) designed for the occasion with motifs from the Tropics.

Loewe’s textiles

Exoticism inspires textiles that Loewe presents at the Milan International Furniture Fair. But in this case, its tapestries and blankets evoke the traditions of Japan, India, Ecuador or SenegalFor the elaboration of these pieces, the firm counted on with the participation of artisans of those countries.

The creative director of Loewe J.W. Anderson focuses this year on the textile crafts of tapestries and blankets.

Lladró’s porcelains in the Milan International Furniture Fair

We also wanted to highlight the Spanish presence in the Milanese fair. The best reference is Lladró, the worldwide known firm due to its decorative objects, lamps and its porcelain sculptures. A reference of luxury that could not miss this prestigious appointmentThey will carry to Milan 10 different decorations for coffee tables and auxiliaries, each of them more colorful and delicate.

Lladró’s porcelains, jewels in the Milanese fair

By the way, on this occasion, Lladró’s objects are exposed hand in hand with the furniture of the Portuguese firm Boca do LoboIn this way, between both firms, a showroom has been conceived in which each set of furniture and decoration is special, combining all kinds of materials with porcelain, from glass to polished metals.

The bathrooms of the Maison Valentina

You can also feel the luxurious atmosphere that radiate previous proposals for salons in bathrooms. That is what the stand of the Maison Valentina tries to seek and proposes sinks, wardrobes, mirrors, bathtubs, etc., designed for intimacy to become an exquisite act.

In each edition of the Milan International Furniture Fair, the luxury in the bathrooms of the Maison Valentina is present

In short, anyone involved in world of furniture, home design and decoration already knows that from April 17th to 22nd the 57th edition of the Milan International Furniture Fair takes place. From Horse, we know that this is a fabulous excuse to visit a city where glamor and elegance are the main rule.

Salone’s management team knows that Milan is part of the event. That is why they plan events outside the fairgrounds. This year will be Living Nature, in the Piazza del Duomo, in front of the Royal Palace.

Living Nature in the monumental heart of Milan

There, a huge garden is going to be created, in which they want to start a debate about applying energy sources and sustainable lifestyles in the daily life of our home. A proposal that invites to reflection, knowledge and delight. Can you ask for anything more?