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We enter that time of year when cultural, commercial, musical, artistic (among others) events occur at a breakneck pace. We, as every month, have made our own selection looking for a bit of everything to satisfy any appetite, but with the idea of presenting ​​always world-class events. You will tell us what you think.

1-Milan Furniture Fair

Furniture manufacturers, designers, distributors and anyone who is or wants to be somebody in the design industry has an inexcusable appointment at the next Milan Furniture Fair.  A fair that will take place between April 4th to 9th, and as always will show the latest European trends in furniture design, with particular emphasis on the most current styles or implementation of new technologies in the sector.

The latest trends in furniture presented at the Salone Inernazionale del Mobile in Milan

The latest trends in furniture presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan

The first days of the fair are only for professionals, while on April 8th and 9th it will open to the public.  In this way, it will be possible to walk around the three sections of the fair: Classic, Design and xLux, the latter being dedicated to the furniture capable of representing at the same time the timeless luxury with contemporary trends. An excellent display of how quality, creativity and technology in the furniture world are combined nowadays.

2-Coachella Festival

Here comes the Coachella Festival one of the most important musical, artistic and social world events in the Californian and American calendar. This year all the celebrities will be again in Indio, on the warmest area of California, to enjoy a few days of music, art and fun.

At times, the Coachella Festival is a parade full of fashion and celebrities

At times, the Coachella Festival is a parade full of fashion and celebrities

Specifically, this 2017, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will take place on two consecutive weekends, from April 14th to 16th, and between 21st and 23rd. Attending on those dates two important artists as Radiohead and Lady Gaga, but with a list of groups and soloists from anywhere on the globe.

3-TED Conference

Here we present a different event: the TED Conference. An international meeting aimed to gather in one place, Vancouver, and in the same days, between April 24th and 28th 2017, a large number of people who have interesting ideas to spread. Ideas from any field, from education to business, from culture to technology, entertainment and design.

The sustainable architecture of the Vancouver Convention Center hosts the TED Conference

The sustainable architecture of the Vancouver Convention Center hosts the TED Conference

Because that is what TED means: Technology, Entertainment and Design. And how is that done? With the conference schedule in which it is intended that the speaker and the audience interact to find solutions to change the world. Nothing more or less. And from the organization, with three decades of successful experience they will include you in the project, because as they say: “The future you”.

4-“Disobedient Bodies” Exhibition

The Hepworth Wakefield British gallery located in West Yorkshire inaugurated on March 18th the exhibition Disobedient Bodies a sample prepared by Jonathan W. Anderson, creative director of Loewe, who has dived in the art and design that have inspirited him for his creations.

Disobedient Bodies

Assembly of the “Disobedient Bodies” Exhibition in Hepworth Wakefield gallery

Thus, in this room of contemporary art designed by the renowned architect David Chipperfield we will be able to see up to 100 art objects that reflect how art and design have seen the human body in recent decades. There await us sculptures by artists as Jean Arp, Naum Gabo or Henry Moore, and with them creations of Dior and Gaultier. A whole reflection on the body and aesthetics that is visible until June 18th 2017.

5-Multimedia show in Les Carrières de Lumières

Each year Les Carrières de Lumières or Canteras de Luz are transformed into a huge stage where one of the most impressive audiovisual art that can be seen in the world is represented. They are old quarries located in the southern French town of Les Baux-de-Provence, a magical place that offers great vertical walls that serve as huge screens.

The Càrrieres de Lumières

Immersive multimedia inside The Càrrieres de Lumières

The Carrières de Lumières propose a show in which you can literally immerse in the work of art, as giant images of great paintings masters are projected, while a soundtrack created for the occasion is listened. A show that has something spooky, and even more if the projected works are by three of the most imaginative painters of art’s history: Bosch, Brueghel and Arcimboldo. They are the stars in this season with a multimedia show that can be seen until next January 7th, 2018.

6-Snowbombing in Mayhorfen

Ski season is over. But before everything melts, The Mayrhofen Snowbombing Festival arrives, to be held in Mayhorfen, the Austrian Tyrol, between April 3rd and 8th. An event that was first held in 2000 and that today has become an expected event for many European skiers.

Techno in a Snowbombing of Mayhorfen's igloo

Techno in a Snowbombing of Mayhorfen’s igloo

And even more if those skiers are lovers of electronic music, as slopes in Mayhorfen and its surroundings (forests, huts, igloos, farms, etc…) are transformed into concert halls outdoors where the main gurus of techno music in its many varieties act. Snow, music and a very special festive atmosphere are the hallmarks of Snowbombing.

7-“Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty” Exhibition

Since last February in Nashville, you have the opportunity to contemplate the exhibition Beyond Beauty by the prestigious photographer Irving Penn. An exhibition that has previously traveled to other places and will remain in the Center for the Visual Arts, The Frist of Nashville, Tennesse, until May 29th.

Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn

His wife Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, one of the first supermodels of the story portrayed here as Harlequin

In 2017, the centenary of this photographer’s birth who came into the world in 1917 and died in 2009 is celebrated. A long life in which Irving Penn became one of most influential portraitists and fashion photographers in history. Thus, Nashville’s exhibition is a great opportunity to pay tribute to this image artist while contemplating some of his most iconic photos like Dali’s or Capote’s portraits and works made for L’Oréal or the designer Yssey Miyake.

These are our proposals so far for the next 30 days of April. We hope that at least one of them interest you, and even more, from Horse we wish you have the opportunity to meet some of them in person.

Translated by: Raquel Sanchez