Art for pleasure, for aesthetics, is always good news. But if you also add a deeply human sense, it makes it a sublime passion.

The Porsche Center Barcelona has understood this very well with the edition of the first BarcelonART, an artistic meeting held by the curator and expert in art Cristina Baulenas, all for the benefit of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, specialized in pediatric care.

Eight local artists were chosen among more than 150 talented nominations to give color to this project. They were all entrusted with the mission of using the hood of the brand’s legendary car, the Porsche 911, as a canvas to express their visions of the world through their own language.

Artists who have painted the hood of the Porche 911

Each of the 8 pieces, with dimensions of 135 cm in its widest part and 75 cm in its narrowest part with 115 cm long, has a retail value of € 3,000, a cheaper price than these artists usually assess their works.

The works can be appreciated (and purchased) at the Porsche Center of Barcelona located in Carrer Paris

All the fund-raising will go to the construction of the Sant Joan de Déu Pediatric Cancer Center in Barcelona, the new oncological project for children in the hospital located in Esplugues de Llobregat, which aims to fight against this painful scourge that nearly 1,400 children suffer each year in our country and up to 160,000 around the world.

Glòria García, Head of the Department of Childhood Welfare at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

In a magnificent evening held at the headquarters of the Porsche Center of Barcelona, around 150 attendees linked to the world of culture, health and motoring gathered around to unveil the works of great importance of Carme Aliaga, Irene Baón, Kamil Escruela, Iván Forcadell, Aleix Gordó, Alfredo Palmero, Pol Peiró and Simón Vázquez.

Eight artists based in Barcelona have been selected among more than 150 candidates

On that night, Glòria García, head of the Department of Childhood Welfare at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, highlighted in her speech the importance of linking art with a charitable and solidary cause of such magnitude, as promoting economically those who help to cure children with cancer.

Cristina Baulenas, curator of the exhibition, said that among the techniques used by the eight artists, they include the drip paint, collage or illustration using materials as diverse as pencils, gesso, bitumen of Judea or oils.

The bathers by Simón Vázquez

“BarcelonART has born to stay,” said José Manuel Velasco, managing director of the brand.”In this first edition, we wanted to appreciate how artists reacted to a different approach by putting their creations on the hood of a Porsche 911 and the result has been more than satisfactory.”

‘Walkirie’ by Aleix Gordó

Sant Joan de Déu Hospital has opened the #Paralosvalientes (For the brave) campaign to raise funds for this wonderful work that will welcome sick children and teenagers from all over the world, promoted jointly by the Leo Messi Private Foundation, the FCBarcelona Foundation and the IESE Business School.

The I Edition of BarcelonART of Porsche aims to raise funds for the benefit of the new pediatric oncological project of the Hospital St. Joan de Déu

The works of art will be available for appreciating them and, of course, for sale, in the hall of the Porsche Center of Carrer Paris, 123 of Barcelona until December 12th.