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Audemars Piguet Contemporary is exhibiting Aleksandra Domanović’s new work in Berlin. It is on view until 10 October, and coincides with Gallery Weekend Discoveries in the same city;

Audemars Piguet Contemporary, exhibits since yesterday the new work of Aleksandra Domanović in Berlin, with her latest work: Becoming Another. The place selected to admire the creation has been the former printing house of the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, in Berlin. This is in fact the first time that Audemars Piguet Contemporany has exhibited in the city, where the artist has lived for more than ten years.


The exhibition Becoming Another does not have large physical materials, just the basics to project it technologically.

What does technology allow us to visualise? It was with this question that the artist began her exhaustive research and subsequent journey to create art. Domanović, throughout her career, has been working on and investigating the relationship between history, identity and technological advances. Thus, the digital sculptures and artworks are a great result of this. The location of the exhibition was specifically chosen, as the space is perfectly adapted to represent Becoming Another; with high ceilings and a large area for the exhibition.

Aleksandra Domanović showcases technology and personal inspiration

His pieces have their own journey, beginning with the history of medical imaging technology, and providing the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between vision and perception. The production consists of six large-scale video sculptures, suspended from an overhead walkway that was used by the technicians of the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. These creations hang at alternating 45º angles and, by means of LEDs, project moving images in the space below.


The exhibition features hanging sculptures that project images throughout the space.

In essence, this project is about things becoming other things. Through the example of the obstetric ultrasound images we realise that perception is a political terrain. The vision of art transforms you or makes you part of the art. Likewise, through perception, the fetus becomes ultrasound, the revelation of sex becomes environmental catastrophe and the image becomes object. – Aleksandra Domanović.

The large-scale prints are based on ultrasound, on the one hand, a computer simulation of a beam, and on the other, an image of Domanović’s mother performing an ultrasound test. These creations have a very personal origin, as his mother was a radiologist, and she grew up living with this machinery.


Aleksandra Domanović in her studio next to the technologies she uses for her works.

The “language of assimilation” is what the artist wants to show, a connection between technology and the identification of foetal sex. Alink between new advances and culture, or the evolution of human perceptions.

It is an honour to work with Aleksandra in Berlin, in her first large-scale exhibition in the city. We can all learn from the questions raised by Becoming Another, which reflect not only contemporary art, but also contemporary life.- Denis Pernet, Curator of Art, Audemars Piguet Contemporary

Encouraging new generations of artists

As mentioned above, this exhibition has been launched at the same time as the Gallery Weekend Berlin, exhibited this year from 15-18 September. Since 2005, 50 galleries from all over the German city have been taking part, paying tribute to old and new artists. This event is known worldwide, in fact, Barcelona is also hosting it these days, until 19 September.


One of the exhibited elements of Domanović’s work.

As for Audemars Piguet Contemporary, the brand believes deeply in the power of contemporary art as a catalyst for connections. They commission works from international artists and thus promote great creations, large-scale proposals and explorations in different branches of art. Their commitment to the new generations of artists is firm, selecting those who may not have international recognition in order to promote them and give them a voice. As with their watches, the brand has a clear vision that there is much more to art than meets the eye, in fact, they have their own museum where they exhibit their timepieces. 

Since 2012 they have carried out exchanges with artists from all over the world such as Ryoji Ikeda, Jana Winderen, Phoebe Hui and Theo Jansen. As well as commissions have been presented on international stages such as Art Basel, the Venice Biennale or the 180 The Strand in London.

AP HOUSE Barcelona

The Audemars Piguet firm also has a new concept store that serves as a meeting point for customers and friends of the brand. A minimalist space with more than 1000m2 located in Passeig de Gràcia 37 where visitors can see works by national and international artists.


AP House Barcelona has a large, elegant and sophisticated space.


Minimalist and elegant interior of the AP House shop

The space has been created with the idea of enriching the visitor experience, imagining how the founders would treat and offer their clients in the 21st century. In this way, the elegant firm will provide comfort in a contemporary interior, and guests will be able to hold meetings or enjoy lunches if they wish.

Throughout the year, AP House will be organising exclusive events where guests will be able to enjoy and discover art creations. Thanks to the collaboration with the MACBA Foundation, the exhibitions will be held on an ongoing basis, as well as being a platform where artists, both well-known and little-known, will be given a high level of visibility.In fact, Brian Lavio, Country General Manager of Audemars Piguet Iberia, explains that they want gallery owners “to be able to exhibit their works of art, giving continuity to the support that the Manufacture dedicates to contemporary art”.


Inside the shop we can see the creations of international and national artists.

The works currently on display in the space are by the artists Yago Hortal, on loan from Galería Senda, and Alfons Borrell.


AP House Barcelona has a large garden where clients can hold meetings and meals.

Exhibition Becoming Another:.

When: 16 September to 10 October 2021

Address: Potsdamer Straße 81e, Berlin, Germany


AP House Barcelona: 

Monday to Friday from 11h to 20:30h 

Saturday from 11h to 14h and from 16h to 20h 

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 37 – 1st floor, Barcelona

Images courtesy of Audemars Piguet Contemporary and Rodrigo Diaz Wichmann

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