The skin easily suffers under conditions of stress and climatic changes, but traveling by plane can cause an aggressive dehydration in our skin.

During flights, constant exposure to a recycled air with a below-normal humidity level causes dehydration of the skin and the mucous membranes, resulting in a chapped, tired skin.

If the flight is long it is possible that our skin and our sebaceous glands make a rebound effect that causes an excess of sebum in the skin that, added to the lower levels of water, triggers a situation of imbalance that results in skin irritations and even in the appearance of some spots.

With proper beauty care during flights, our skin can “survive” without stress or side effects.

Among the 1001 tips on flights, these 8 are the “must do“. Do we take off?

  1. CLEAN: never get into a plane with makeup. The first step you should take is clean your skin. Choose cleansing wipes like Missha’s super aqua, which gently remove dirt and even waterproof makeup.
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Missha cleansing wipes that clean and moisturize the skin in depth thanks to its extracts of Aloe and Cucumber PVP 6,90 € 40 units.

Use the product with circular movements, with special attention to the eye contour. Its formula enriched with natural ingredients, like aloe and cucumber, will help your skin not get irritated while it gets moisturize.

  1. DRINK water during flights. No alcohol or coffee.
  2. HYDRATE with a facial moisturizer, specific cream on the eye contour, lip balm and hand cream every hour. 0- Global Formula SEPAI: light skin anti-aging cream with a high moisturizing value thanks to the presence of Allantoin, vitamin A and palmitic acid in its composition. Medium protection factor SPF 15. Oil free.
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V5.0- Global Formula SEPAI 35ml. €174

Apply during the flight as many times as necessary, in the face, neck and neckline, avoiding the eyes contour. Suitable for normal, mixed or oily skin.

Lip balm: Etude House lip balm with royal jelly and ceramides, two ingredients that nourish and restore the moisture.

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Etude House lip balm containing royal jelly and ceramides 7 ml. €13.29

Estée Lauder’s New Dimension Hand Cream is an innovative hand treatment that is quick absorbing, long lasting and moisturizes and protects the skin instantly.

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Very soft hand cream by Estée Lauder 75 ml. €33.90

  1. Face Mask: masque hydratant by Codage Paris is an intensive nutrition mask that regenerates and moisturizes dry skin with a lack of vitality. Enriched with oils, butters and vegetable waxes that strengthens the hydrolipidic layer and rebuilds the skin barrier, especially in situations of lack of humidity (inside the planes). At the same time, a gentle exfoliating complex produces an enzymatic exfoliation that stimulates the cellular renewal, giving the skin the luminosity back.
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In just a few minutes, the skin feels comfortable, soft, deeply moisturized and shiny. Ideal for using during long flights and suitable for all types of skins. Apply on the face and leave it for a while until is completely absorbed. If there is a slight excess, remove it with a wet wipe.

  1. EYE MASK: take advantage of the moments of sleep to apply some draining patches to the eyes that do not need to be removed.
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Night Repair Mask €59 (contains 4 packs)

Its innovative, triple-layer refreshing system releases the formula and impregnates the fine lines and dry skin with hydration. In just 10 minutes, the eyes look rested and renewed, with a young, fresh and luminous appearance.

  1. PROTECT the skin from dust that may be in the cabin and from ultraviolet rays because they are more intense in airplanes when flying at higher altitude and multiply the effects that the sun has on the skin when we are on the mainland.
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New Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II by Estée Lauder 30 ml. €78


The new ChronoluxCB™ Technology benefits from the night time restorative power by combining skin cell synchronization and purification technologies to maximize the repairing at the optimum time of the night and, therefore, get a younger look.

This step will not only help to protect the skin during the journey, but also keep it adapted to reach the destination.

  1. WEAR WIDELY CLOTHES and comfortable footwear that does not restrict the circulation. Take a look to the tips for having a more comfortable flight on this Magazinehorse
  2. STAND UP and walk a little at least every hour. During the time in which we are sitting, make flexo-extension movements and ankle rotations to improve circulation and prevent fluid retention.

If what we really want is not only “survive” flights but avoid cellular stress and the consequent aging of the skin, our recommendation is to give the skin extra “hydration”, nutrition and oxygenation on the previous days to the trip and restore the post-travel shortcomings as soon as possible. In Institut Saurina de Pomaré we propose the treatments OXYJET PRE-TRIP and the treatments POST JET-LAG.

The OXYJET treatments allow, through oxygen therapy and virtual mesotherapy, to provide concentrated actives (hyaluronic acid, collagen, organic silicon …) to the deeper layers of the skin, preparing it to be able to resist more and better external aggressions.

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Oxijet beauty treatment

If we do this in the previous days to the trip, we manage to “neutralize” the negative effects of air with less humidity inside the aircraft while minimizing the impact of solar radiation that is much more aggressive. On the other hand, it balances the skin regarding the level of sebaceous and sweat secretions, preventing the uncomfortable and untimely rebound effects (spots, irritations, eczema,…) after the flight.

For that dreaded moment that is the return of the holidays, in Institut Saurina de Pomaré we also have a group of treatments POST JET-LAG. While we are on holidays, we want to break with the routines and sometimes neglect our skin forgetting that is a living organ that does not go “on vacation”. Its needs, after a plane trip and after a period in which you have been subjected to many external aggressions (exposure to the sun, constant contrasts of temperature / heat, etc…) are many and the POST JET-LAG treatments are the solution.

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Beauty treatment after a plane trip

Its goal is to help the skin regain the lost balance, eliminate the signs of tiredness, remove excess stratum cornea that gives us the bad appearance to our skin and allow the skin cells to be able to return to perform their vital functions without stress and therefore with less premature aging.

Exfoliation with oxygen, cold laser for the introduction of hyaluronic acid, stimulating micro-currents, electroporation and radiofrequency are several of the actions that make up these effective treatments that make disappear the “footprints” of fatigue and plane trips in a single session.

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Post-jet lag therapy with micro-stimulatory currents

With all these tips, we will get a hydrated, nourished and balanced skin. Apply these tips and treatments before, during and after a trip. Your skin will thank you!