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From Horse Magazine we have selected several gourmet proposals to satisfy the most discerning palates. Original and selected, each of these products are a little gem with which you can surprise at the best tables.


The legendary brand presents one year more its exclusive proposals for Christmas. The taste of the 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham, its single processing and careful presentation make the exclusive edition Maestro Cortador a safe gift for gourmets. The pack contains everything you need to get into the art of cutting ham of the highest quality and all presented as a unique beige saddlebag case of craft production, whose briefcase is designed especially for using on a bicycle.

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The handmade briefcase has a very elegant and contemporary design

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In addition to a 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham, the kit contains all the necessary utensils for the art of cutting ham

The pack includes a 100% Cinco Jotas Iberian ham, the ham stand Cinco Jotas by Lodivi, foldable and made of stainless steel and beech wood of forest with FSC certified origin, two ham knives, a professional mesh glove and exclusive tongs of the brand.

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The case is adapted for bicycle transportation, according to the environmentalist spirit of the brand

* The pack can be complemented with the bicycle Old New Bike, exclusively for sale in El Corte Ingles.


GH Mumm brand offers the perfect kit to leave impressed your friends this holiday season. The Mumm Starters pack contains a bottle of the best champagne, three gourmet proposals and two glasses.

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Three bases, three toppings and three supplements to accompany every bite

For the base: crispy rolls, small savory tarts of hairtail and biscottos of nuts. The perfect toppings to combine are cheese, truffles and mushrooms creams. Finally, we can accompany the snack with dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms or dried fruit mix.

gourmet, christmas, christmas gifts, foodies, gourmet proposals, christmas,

The champagne to enjoy the holidays with friends

Undoubtedly, a different and fun way to share a gourmet moment with friends.

GH Mumm will sell its kit Mumm Starters through its microsite at a price of 80 euros.



Created to promote calm and relax, Relax Box limited edition with Teterum tea is perfect for sharing intimate moments on these holidays or to offer it as a delicate gift.

Lovers of tea will be delighted with this reusable box consisting of: rooibos, green tea, two natural fresheners, step by step to prepare a good tea with indications of times and temperatures, two recipes of tea and even a recommendation of five great books for reading enjoying tea. The kit also includes a bookmark, a QR-code with relaxing music proposals three relaxing games, a “do not disturb” sign, a coaster and two cones of incense.

gourmet, christmas, christmas gifts, foodies, gourmet proposals, christmas,

Box specially designed to create the relaxed atmosphere this holiday season

The selection of teas includes infusion Moment of Surrender, an infusion decaffeinated made of rooibos that helps relax the muscular system.

Mango Meets Tea is a soft green tea ideal for relaxing moments by their low protein and antioxidant properties. It is recommended to flavoured it with rose petals, which provide a floral flavour, iron absorption, contribute to the health of the skin and bones.

All this for a price of 19.90 euros.



A-Typical, the lifestyle brand, and the cheese factory of reference in Madrid Poncelet have launched on the celebrations this special kit of atypical cheese. It includes some of the most exclusive references of Spanish, Italian, Swiss and French cheeses and is accompanied by a tray of two floors, a set of napkins and knives, and a bottle of olive oil and a jar of Cucumi jam of red wine. Undoubtedly, the perfect gift for lovers of cheese.

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True lovers of cheese will have an excellent opportunity to test the most original varieties

The pack has a rich variety of cheeses, including the Spaniard Casín of raw cow‘s milk, one of the oldest references of Spain; fresh goat cheese of the Italian Piedmont area, spiced with seasonal flowers that will make us travel to the essence of the high mountain pastures. Ibores the one from Extremadura, of retinta goat milk, goat commonly known as “firefighter” (in summer it grazes and feeds on dry bushes like thyme and rosemary). Stanser Roteli Reblo, an exclusive cheese of the pastures of Switzerland, made from raw cow’s milk. It is very fragrant and powerful on the palate with presence of animals and meat flavors, and a white and creamy texture.

The kit will be sold in the shop PONCELET in Calle Argensola, 27 Madrid, with a price of 100 euros.


For a gift or to accompany your best dishes this holiday season, we have selected for you four different gourmet proposals:

The Finca los Hoyales, Bodega Cruz de Alba (Ribera del Duero) is a 100% tempranillo, with a limited production of six thousand bottles, which has received international awards.

Lalomba of Ramon Bilbao is a floral and fine rosé wine with a production of only ten thousand bottles.

Mar de Frades Brut Nature is a foamy Albariño that has become a reference. In the mouth is broad, tasty, creamy and fresh and the bubble enhances grape flavors.

Ramón Bilbao Reserva Original wine represents a return to the roots of the winery and breaks the schemes of the reserve category, using 100% tempranillo.

gourmet, christmas, christmas gifts, foodies, gourmet proposals, christmas,

Four wines specially selected by Horse to suit all tastes

Finca los Hoyales. Price €59- Lalomba Ramon Bilbao. Price €17.50 – Sparkling Mar de Frades _Brut Nature. Price €19.95 – Original Ramón Bilbao Reserve. Price €18.50 Euros


Hennessy celebrates the arrival of its eighth generation of master blenders with the launch of the limited edition Hennesy·8. The imposing oak case and the statuesque Baccarat crystal bottle handmade by Hennessy·8 have been designed by the famous Israeli artist Arik Levy. Due to its unique and historic character, it will only have 250 bottles for sale worldwide. Each of them can be customized at the request of the buyer and will come in addition to an elegant box accompanied with four tasting glasses designed by Riedel and Yann Fillioux, pipette oak and cork holder.

Hennessy·8 will be sold at a price of 35,000 euros.

gourmet, christmas, christmas gifts, foodies, gourmet proposals, christmas,

The glass bottle is a reflection of the history of the brand

gourmet, christmas, christmas gifts, foodies, gourmet proposals, christmas,

Impeccable design elegance and unbeatable quality in cognac

Exclusivity and good taste is what defines these six proposals of Horse Magazine. Gourmet products selected to enjoy with the closest during these holidays.