Alexa Meade adopts an innovative artistic approach, setting aside the canvas in order to paint directly on what she intends to capture with the thought of photographing it later, and the result is amazing! By using the camera, she gets to transform a three-dimensional space in 2D, meaning she transforms the reality into something fictitious.

This special artist from the United States abandoned for good her political career in 2013 to test her success in art and design, and she went through. Being innovative and original, she was able to exhibit her artwork in galleries in Washington, London, New York, Paris and also in publications like The Washington Post, CNN, Wired or The London Telegraph.

alexa meadeDOUBLE TAKE, 2010

She’s self-taught and she decided to devote herself to art after 6 years without having been in contact with a paint brush – the last time was in a summer camp when she was 16 years old. Alexa Meade was fascinated by shadows and her first painting was that of a fence shadow falling over the grass. After that, she moved to the garage of her parents’ house, where she discovered that her own body was the best canvas to practice. And, almost by accident, she started her brilliant career.

alexa meade 2Art installation at Exploratorium, San Francisco
alexa meade 3

Project at The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

By combining performance, photography and painting, this young artist reflects a new way of understanding the space. Alexa Meade transforms the models into the painting masks that she wants to create for them. The photographs don’t catch the hidden person under the brushstrokes, but the interpretation created from his/her essence.

People disappear, they transform into instruments that show us what the artist wants to show us

Her talent has given her the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most important fashion brands in the world. In 2014, she was selected with other 7 artists – like the DJ and producer AVICII, or the illustrator and sculptor Arran Gregory – with the objective of fusing the new Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren campaign with the Warehouse project that tries to support emerging talents of different creative disciplines.

alexa meade 6“In The Wash”

alexa meade 4SPECTACLE, 2010

alexa meade 5                                                             Hesitate // Activate in process Photo by David Branson

In 2015, she joined forces with the Catalan brand Desigual to celebrate the Art Day. On the occasion of the release of a new accessories collection, Desigual chose the artist to honour a non-conventional art, with a ground-breaking and innovative attitude with which they both identify.

Alexa MeadeCampaña por Desigual

With an original format, this woman’s oil paintings have made a place for themselves in the current scene, thanks to her talent and effort of thinking outside the box. Her flashy colours and the originality of her technique are the reasons why we don’t want to lose track of her. Who knows how she’ll continue to surprise us.