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The master jeweler of color, Bulgari, celebrates the 70 years of Elizabeth II’s reign with the creation of an exclusive and very special and personal High Jewelry set: Jubilee Emerald Garden.

Bulgari pays a precious tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on her Platinum Jubilee with a parurespecial edition. This one includes a watch and a High Jewelry tiara..

The history of Bulgari has always been marked by exceptional women who have inspired the brand itself and have been inspired by it. Moreover, very important are the cases of royalty who have shown their admiration and have been wearing Bulgari for decades. From Grace Kelly, Queen Rania of Jordan or Queen Letizia; to stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida or Sophia Loren herself. The latter, a loyal fan of Bulgari emeralds.

The Jubilee Emerald Garden tiara,which with such a name can only be a dream, is a true work of craftsmanship. It involves more than 1,500 hours of work by a team led by a master goldsmith and composed of five craftsmen and craftswomen, two of whom are dedicated solely to setting the gems by hand. This is truly a unique piece of work. The piece is made of platinum with emeralds and diamonds set to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The unique design, reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers, focuses attention on a mesmerizing 63.44 carat Zambian emerald with a lotus flower cut that enhances and glorifies the gemstone.

Tiara Bvlgari - Reina Isabel II - MagazineHorse

Creation of the tiara in commemoration of the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

Bulgari’s infinite creativity is evident in the structure of this piece, as it is fully transformable and can be worn as a tiara or necklace. Versatility is deeply rooted in the brand’s identity. Nicola Bulgari himself, Vice President of Bulgari and direct descendant of the founder, once said a phrase that will never go out of fashion.

The same piece of jewelry should be worn at a picnic as well as at a ball.

Nicola Bulgari

Boceto de la tiara - Bulgari - MagazineHorse

Sketch of the tiara commemorating the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

In addition, this exclusive piece is a preview of the new High Jewelry collection that will soon be presented by the firm: exceptional emeralds will occupy a privileged place in Bulgari’s creations, which will be transformed into works of art with their majestic designs. Bulgari Haute Joaillerie creative director Lucia Silvestri commented:

This creation pays tribute to the 70 years of Elizabeth II’s reign. The queen has been my inspiration, as she is a strong and powerful woman, an icon of our times. In addition, she has always shown her admiration for emeralds. For all of these reasons, I designed a piece that revolves around a spectacular carved emerald and demonstrates Bulgari’s mastery of craftsmanship and creativity.”

Lucia Silvestri

In addition, to complement the tiara, Bulgari has created a special edition of the High Jewelry watch Divas’ Dream in white gold set with 8 Zambian emeralds (~18.4 carats), round brilliant-cut diamonds, diamond pavé on the case and bracelet, and diamonds distributed in snowfall on the dial (~11.4 carats). The creation of this piece required 1,000 hours of work by a team of five craftsmen. The captivating emeralds have been cut in an exquisite fan shape, highlighting Bulgari’s expertise with colored gemstones, while their inserts or “gardens”guarantee the strength, intensity and originality of each stone..

Reloj Bvlgari - Reina Isabel II - MagazineHorse

Creation of the Divas’Dream watch

Bulgari is a brand known for honoring extraordinary women. Now, it makes Queen Elizabeth II the brand’s new muse and inspiration with this Jubilee Emerald GardenHaute Joaillerie set. The signature pays homage to the Queen’s thriving and enduring legacy with the unique creativity and symbolic floral carving of the parureemerald. An inspiration that brings together generations, styles, reigns, and many, many trends.