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Salty ocean breeze. Freshly cut grass. Coconut sunscreen. Fresh flowers. The unmistakable, glorious smells of summer!

It’s no secret that scent has the power to evoke special memories or transport you to faraway places, and we could all use a vacation right now. Fortunately, we can capture those feelings by scenting our homes and spaces with scented candles inspired by the scents of summer.

Summer is full of wonderful fragrances, each imbued with the ability to transport us back to days filled with sunshine and hedonistic relaxation. Even if being an adult now means that the endless summers of youth are distant, the wonderful memories and sunny days are now just warmer workdays, we can still fill our homes with those fragrant reminders of freedom thanks to these summery scented candles like the Oranger candle: a orange leaf and orange scented candle by Diptyque.

Fleur d’Oranger. In an hourglass shape, the diffuser spreads its fragrance for 1 hour. Aroma of orange fruits and bark.

From spicy citrus to light florals and sensual amber that will certainly help set the mood, we found a handful of summer candles to suit every budget. Some scented candles are made with soy wax to, among other things, last even longer, while others are made with beeswax, coconut or vegetable wax.

From left From left to right: Milkhouse Candle Creamery Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, Milkhouse Candle Lilac & Wildflowers, Damascus Sultan’s Treasure, Smells Like Magic.

Any true candle lover knows that lighting candles is a year-round addiction. During the warmer months, we switch from cozy fragrances to bright scents that bring the feeling of sunshine into our homes. From fresh citrus to the clean scent of a sea breeze, summer scented candles are a great way to freshen up indoor spaces, even on the most humid days with candles like Bath & Body Works Sunny Lime with a refreshing lime scent.

Bath & Body Works Sunny Lime scented candle. Citrusy, fresh and summery fragrance.

Whether you’re refreshing your stock or looking for a special gift, these are some of the best summer candles that will infuse your home with bright notes this season. Turn up the volume on that summer playlist, light a match and let the special summer scented candles burn, the perfect way to take your beach vacation home with you.

In conclusion, smell is one of the senses most deeply rooted in memory. Sometimes a slight scent of jasmine or a sea breeze is enough to transport us to that moment when we enjoyed the warm company of our family, friends or partner on a porch or on the shore of the beach. It only takes a tenth of a second for a scent, unique to each of us, to connect our brain to pleasant memories we thought we had forgotten. And although it is obvious, it is undeniable that what that smell awakens is a priceless pleasure.

From left to right: Ladenac Minimal Marine Fraiche Boisée, scented candle, made with seaweed, reminds us of the sea breeze. Paddywax Kin Jasmine & Bamboo, floral fragrance of jasmine and bamboo.

Therefore, in the same way that perfumes and colognes become part of our personality and a sign of distinction why not make this summer a special and different summer by choosing a scented candle that makes this relaxing season a unique moment to be remembered?

Noelia Fernández

Journalist passionate about culture, literature, arts and travel. I am interested in being able to listen to others and immerse myself in their stories, seeking the essence of each experience and giving voice to many that are not heard. I have been writing for Horse since June 2021.