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A lunar landscape of a science fiction film, but with caves carved into the rock by a thousand-year-old culture, seasoned with glidings in hot-air balloons, succulent delicacies worthy of literary epics and history and adventure, a lot of adventure. Just a few hours away from Europe by plane. It exists, and it is in Turkey. Right in the heart of the Ottoman nation, to be more precise.

Cappadocia is a legendary rocky region with a unique landscape in the whole world, formed by its eroded erect pillars of limestone, where the most remote civilizations settled, as the Assyrian or Hittite. The limestone is very malleable, so its inhabitants were able to make caves throughout the region, some of which remained inhabited until a few decades ago.

Cappadocia is a circular region of about 50 km in diameter with geological formations that remaind us of a fairy tale.

Getting to Cappadocia, preferably from Istanbul, is not very difficult. There are daily connections from the Bosphorus city of only an hour and a half. The traveler can choose to stay in the small towns of Göreme or Uçhisar, both fascinating.

The traveler can also choose the small town of Ürgup on the slopes of the Göreme National Historical Park, a VIP option to stay.

Ürgup is a beautiful typical village, often chosen as a base to explore the entire region.

Before starting the tour, we propose you to stay in the refined Hotel Boutique MDC Cave of Ürgup, which opened to the public in 2011. Its luxury suites in stone with marble bathrooms and jacuzzi will surprise you.

The comfortable MDC Cave Hotel Boutique in Ürgup built in the stone, make us feel like we were living in a cavern.

The bright marble in the rooms of the MDC Cave Hotel Boutique in Ürgup contrasts with the rigor of the calcareous stone in the caverns

Once established, the explorer can take the road to venture into the 50 km diameter of Cappadocia.

The Rose Valley in Göreme is the main attraction of the region, with its pillars scattered in the form of slender chimneys with an easy access by foot. Following the well-marked path, you can reach Kolonlu Kilise, the small columned church carved in the white stone.

The Rose Valley or Güllüdere in Göreme is well worth the visit to these Ottoman lands.

Another obligatory stop in this mystical region is Derinkuyu, the underground citadel of the ancient Hittites, located just 40 km from Göreme and which has 7 levels excavated in the rock, the deepest one is situated 85 m underground.

The underground cities in Cappadocia (36 different have been discovered), were not intended for permanent housing, but as a temporary refuge during the long periods of enemy attacks.

To date, more than 36 underground citadels have been discovered in Cappadocia.

Back north, near Göreme, you will find another unlikely site of Turkish geology. The valley of Zelve of copper earth hosted settlers in its caverns until the decade of the fifties in the XX century. It is, in fact, the confluence of three connected valleys, where in addition to the old human settlement, you can see a mosque in the rock, a mill and the primitive churches of the Grapes (Üzümlü Kilise) and Fish (Balıklı Kilise).

The caves of the Zelve Valley, situated in the north of Cappadocia, were inhabited until a few decades ago, when the Turkish government ordered to evacuate them for safety.

Before continuing our trip, we will stop at one of the best restaurants evaluated by the experts and enthusiasts of the elaborate Turkish cuisine. Very close to the Zelve Valley, going back to the south through Göreme, we find Seyyah Han, with an extensive menu of typical delicacies from the Turkish center, cooked in a traditional wood oven.

The Restaurant Seyyah Han built on the rock serves the most elaborate Turkish cuisine with a dreamy view.

If you are a lover of lamb or spiced beef, this restaurant built in stone will become one of the unforgettable experiences of the trip. The sunset views from the terrace of the Seyyah Han towards the caves of Çavusin will remain in your retina for a long time after leaving.


The terrace of the Seyyah Han, a spectacular viewpoint where the world stops.

Situated in the Southwest of Göreme, in Uçhisar, a high rocky outcrop. This place has a gallery of tunnels dug for centuries by its ancient inhabitants, we find another mandatory stop. It is the “Castle” of Uchisar which controls the whole town.


The “Castle” of Uchisar, is a kind of chimney mountain that was inhabited for centuries, and from which you can dominate the entire horizon.

For centuries inhabited, nowadays all the rooms cannot be visited due to the collapse and deterioration of some of them. Until recently, some of them were used as pigeon lofts by local farmers, who used the guano of these birds as an excellent fertilizer.


A fresco in the ‘Dark Church’ of the eleventh century, one of many ancient Christian temples that remain in the region.

However, as a genuine VIP traveler, you cannot leave Cappadocia without having flown over its lunar valleys with the help of a hot-air balloon. The geomorphological beauty of the whole region, in conjunction with its optimal atmospheric conditions, will allow the traveler to climb up to 300 m on walks of an hour and a half with the accurate explanation of a qualified guide.


The atmospheric conditions make Cappadocia, and particularly the Rose Valley of Göreme, the paradise of hot-air balloons.

Following this exclusive itinerary designed by Magazine Horse, or any other which best fits you, we can say that Cappadocia is worth a thorough visit. In this millennial place, each of its corners keeps the most interesting footprints of the passage of time.