The Art Nouveau style of the early twentieth century has little presence in the Cartier collections. While in those years Fauvism exploited with a prevailing color and the German Expressionism was at its peak, Cartier started in the creation of different pieces, with new forms of “modern style” that led to the Art Deco. Now the Maison Cartier is pleased to participate in the exhibition “El gusto Moderno – Art Déco en París, 1910 – 1935″ organized by the Fundación March in their headquarters in Madrid with 11 pieces of the Cartier Collection. The exhibition will be open from March 26th until June 28th, 2015 and the selected pieces of the 1,450 that form the collection and represent the Parisian twenties and thirties of the painting sculpture, furniture and fashion, among others will be exhibited. This treasure represents an exceptional artistic and cultural heritage which discovers the design, technical, origin and Cartier materials used throughout history with great mastery. 1 110 portada 1214     13 15   17   18 19 16   111