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Casa Sagnier is the new boutique hotel of the Pérez-Sala family that pays tribute to the Barcelona architect Enric Sagnier.

Casa Sagnier is the new hotel of the Pérez-Sala family, a tribute to the artist Enric Sagnier, owner of this building in Barcelona, which replaces the old Murmuri situatedRambla Cataluña 114corner with Passatge Concepció. This project is in addition to the Hotel Primero Primera, which opened its doors in 2011 in the Tres Torres district of Barcelona.

The building pays tribute to the Barcelona architect in what was the family home and office of the famous artist Enric Sagnier.


Reception of the Casa Sagnier hotel, with a composition of book pages behind it.

But it is not only a centrally located hotel, but also a 5* category urban boutique with a very intimate character, thanks to the help of the Sagnier family itself, we find on its walls personal, family photographs and photographs of the trips they made at that time..

“We wanted to escape from the hotel chains and create an authentic, welcoming project with the help of Antonio Sagnier y Bassas, grandson of Enric Sagnier”.

At the presentation of the new Casa Sagnier hotel, commissioned by the journalist and historian Lluís Permanyer, anecdotes were told about the prolific work of the architect, his conciliatory nature and the importance of his work in his time with 482 works. He is the author of such emblematic buildings as the Tibidabo Temple, the Palau de Justicia and the Andreu Tower (La Rotonda). The journalist also explained some anecdotes from his personal and professional life, adding a spontaneous and fresh touch to the presentation.

The aim of the hotel is to transmit the history of Enric Sagnier to all visitors who pass through the hotel, to have a feel at home and to create a meeting point between the local visitor and people coming from outside.

The hotel is full of details that are perceived in every corner, an example of this is the portrait of Enric Sagnier stamped exclusively with family stamps, a work of art created by Eva Balart and Juan Juan Carballido from Estudio Elefante, which presides over the fireplace, explained the journalist and expert on the artist’s life, Lluís Permanyer.

Hotel casa sagnier-magazinehorse

Left: Juan Carballido of Estudio Elefante who, together with Eva Ballart, painted the portrait of Enric Sagnier (behind him) with family stamps. Right. Decoration of books in one of the common rooms.

The hotel has 51 rooms of unique character, of which there are 6 suites and 9 different room types, in a 7-storey building. The great suite, paying homage to the architect, is where he had his office and architectural studio.

Habitación - Casa Sagnier - MagazineHorse

One of the rooms of the cosy Hotel Casa Sagnier

“He was an elegant man, personally. He always had a minimum level in all his works and he knew how to adapt to the client, he always convinced them. He was an artist who could create luxurious and magnificent works such as churches, institutional architecture, and even more practical works, such as a car park”.


The multifaceted artist

We must not forget to mention the merit of the interior design, which is the work of Federico Turull, of TurullSørensen, who has been in charge of fulfilling the desire that the space should be, above all, homely. The project has also benefited from the advice of the interior designers Núria Pérez-Sala and Estrella Salietti, which leaves no one indifferent.

Estudio Elefante, have created the artistic installations that evoke Sagnier himself, authentic works of art. In this space, we can also find a mural with old photographs that decorates the same bar, also created by them. The studio has also been in charge of the design and creation of the hotel reception, one of the most important spaces; created from a composition of books.


At the entrance to the Café de l’Arquitecte restaurant there is a wall with photographs of the Sagnier family.

One of the most important spaces in the hotel is El Café de l’Arquitecte, on the ground floor of the building.

Cafè de l'Arquitecte-Casa Sagnier

Café de l’Arquitecte-Casa Sagnier. Photo: Rafael Vargas

It has an incredible menu of Mediterranean flavours and offers a restaurant, cafeteria, bar and cocktail bar with a totally metropolitan atmosphere throughout the day. This offers a unique and homely space in which the local atmosphere meets the tourist who values the history of Enric Sagnier. It also has a beautiful terrace in the attic of the building; an oasis in the middle of the city.

Restaurante del hotel Casa Sagnier - MagazineHorse

Restaurant El Café de l’Arquitecte. Photo: Rafael Vargas

This tribute, obviously to Enric Sagnier, reinterprets an interior design characterised by the contemporary nature of the works of the Barcelona artist. Thus, the restaurant is characterised by a sober, delicate and elegant atmosphere, in which we can find photographs by Enric Sagnier. And, of course, handcrafted elements typical of an architectural workshop, perhaps his own, of the period.

And as contemporary as it is, it looks like a home. A home where you come in, and you turn on the light, and you leave your jacket. And it’s warm and friendly, then you leave your shoes and sit on the sofa. Or at the table; and you feel at home. That’s the best achievement a hotel can make; and Casa Sagnier has done it.

Hotel Casa Sagnier - Bar - Rafael Vargas - MagazineHorse

Bar of the Hotel Casa Sagnier. Photo: Rafael Vargas

All the spaces of the Hotel Casa Sagnier are unique, and the touch of green makes the atmosphere even warmer and more welcoming. The hotel bar is the perfect place to relax and have a drink in a cosmopolitan atmosphere without leaving home.

At the moment they are creating “Sagnier routes” experiences where a 1-hour route through l’eixample to visit the most emblematic buildings of Enrig Sagnier especially in Rambla de Catalunya and Paseo de Gracia and the other route lasts 2 and a half hours and is focused on his greatest work which is the Tividado..

About 300 buildings belonging to Enric Sagnier have been documented in Barcelona. He was a very prolific architect and well connected with the ruling classes of Barcelona, from whom he received many special commissions. One of these buildings is the design of the modernist mansion Villa Mayfair, in which last year the international lighting firms XAL and Wever&Ducré decided to collaborate and present their new collections, giving life to the project The Creation House.

Hotel Casa Sagnier is located at Rambla Catalunya, 104, Rambla Catalunya.