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Deforestation is one of the biggest problems that our planet suffers. Millions of hectares of virgin forests are cut uncontrollably for industrial purposes, stripping the Earth of one of its greatest assets, vegetation, with all that this entails. Increase of the greenhouse effect, pollution, soil poverty, danger to wildlife and disappearance of species. Some firms have committed to try to improve this unsustainable situation and, among these, we find  Caudalie.

The vine, the great active ingredient of Caudalie’s products.

The uncontrolled tree felling has reached such magnitude that the annual area stripped of trees is equal to the territory of Belgium. That is the reason why a firm like Caudalie has set to work together with various associations all over the world. So far, the firm, in collaboration with Nordesta, Pur Projet, WWF, Coeur de Forêt, Association Arbres et Paysages in Gironde and National Forest Foundation, has planted more than 4 million trees and dedicated more than 8 million euros to this taskThey have a membership of  “1% for the Planet so they donate 1% of their global turnover to environmental protection associations.

Caudalie has collaborated in the planting of more than 4 million trees.

Something that is not surprising if we consider the origins and philosophy that made their founders, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, create the firm. The idea was born in the vineyards of the family in France. An idyllic landscape in which the care of the vines, or what is the same, of the nature that surrounds them, is what gives rise to the ingredients of their products. It is its essence.

“To return to the Earth a little of what it gives us each day. We believe in a committed beauty, respectful of the planet and human beings. We are aware that being ecological is also and above all, encouraging each person to pay attention and be sensitive to the world around us and that this means a constant learning.” – Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas

Vineyards of Caudalie in France

The commitment of the French company to the environment begins with the formulation of its products, in which they give priority to natural ingredients respectful with the planet, among which we can highlight those coming from the vine. Extracts of plants, grape vegetable water, vegetable oils and shortenings, essential oils… The amount of preservatives they use is minimal and those used are only the authorized ones by the Ecocert label. While controversial synthetic ingredients such as parabens, mineral oils, or phthalates are vetoed in their composition.

They also take care of the packaging, which is made with recycled paper or recycled plastic or vegetableThe wood of the Aceite Divino (Divine Oil) caps, the face masks and the exfoliants is ash wood from forests with a Sustainable Management Certificate, as well as all the paper they use in packaging and communications.

Deforestation causes 20% of greenhouse gas emissions

The commitment of governments and large companies such as Caudalie is crucial to end deforestation, which accounts for 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions.