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nutricosmetics is a growing market. More and more people are relying on its benefits to complement external treatments. The goal is clear: a spectacular skin, hair and nails.

This is where the Beauty&Go brand comes in and its maxim: beauty comes from the inside out. A philosophy that proves the studies that support the relationship between nutrition and the health of our skin.


More and more people are using nutricosmetics.

Nutricosmetics provides the nutrients necessary for skin regeneration.

But how does nutricosmetics work? The skin plays an important role in health because it acts as a barrier between our body and external agents. It protects it from UV rays, chemicals, diseases and temperature changes. That is why the regeneration of the skin is essential and, for it to occur in optimal conditions, it is necessary to ingest the necessary nutrients. Lack of sleep or an unbalanced diet are some of the factors that negatively affect the skin’s ability to act as a protective barrier.

“Alcohol, smoke, pollution, ultraviolet rays, stress and poor diet cause free radicals to form in our body. These are enemies of beauty and health as they promote the appearance of wrinkles and diseases. Vitamins are our main allies in the fight against free radicals.” So explains Mari Cruz Arcas, Scientific Director of Beauty&Go.

Beauty&Go drinks provide the body with the nutrients necessary for beautiful skin.

This is where the role of nutricosmetics comes in. With today’s pace of life it becomes almost impossible to achieve through diet the level of nutrients necessary to observe the effects on our skin, nails and hair. With the ingestion of a daily bottle of Beauty&Go nutricosmetic drinks, skin care is facilitated and the body is provided with the necessary nutrients to facilitate cell regeneration.

“Nutricosmetics are a complement to the daily beauty routine that help the skin from the inside. Topical cosmetics and nutricosmetics are complementary treatments,” says Mari Cruz Arcas.

Beauty&Go 28-Day Challenge

How long does it take for nutricosmetics to take effect? The Scientific Director of Beauty& Go answers: “a minimum of one month to begin to notice the effects and three months for them to become very evident. In general it is recommended to take it in batches of four or five months with a month’s break”.

From these terms is born the 28-day challenge, in which the firm ensures that although the effects are noticed day by day, we will obtain visible results by ingesting, continuously, some of its drinks. These are composed of macroantioxidants and also include among their ingredients hyaluronic acid or collagen, the most abundant protein in the skin.


The 4 Beauty&Go nutricosmetic drinks.

Beauty&Go beauty drinks can be combined with each other, seeking the different effects provided by each of them, or take only one drink to enhance that effect.

Beauty& Go has four products  :

Skin Revive

With extract of pomegranate, raspberry and persimmon, among other ingredients. Thanks to vitamin C and manganese, its formula protects cells from stress and oxidation, contributes to the good functioning of the metabolism and brings firmness and elasticity to the skin. It is perfect to take just before bedtime and end the day with a beauty cocktail.

Skin Detox

Its ingredients include spirulina algae, zinc, apple, artichoke and orange macro-antioxidants. All of them contribute to purify, stimulate metabolism and eliminate toxins, so this drink is perfect for recovering the skin after a day of excesses.

Skin Vitality

Formulated with pineapple, Gingko biloba and guarana, among others, Skin Vitality gives your skin an extra vitality, radiance and elasticity. Ideal for those days when you have not rested well or to take before, during or after physical exercise.

Skin Brilliance

Perfect to start the day as its composition based on red grape, rosehip and persimmon, helps the immune system and reduces tiredness and fatigue. In addition, it protects the skin against external aggressions and makes it look smooth and luminous.

30-day Skin Detox Plan

Beauty&Go also offers a 30-day Detox Plan for radiant skin. Alone or accompanied by its nutricosmetics for more visible results, it will improve the appearance of our skin through a nutritional plan that can be found on its web. This includes both foods to avoid and those to boost, as well as dish suggestionss, recipes… for the 30 days of the challenge.


In Beauty&Go’s 30-day Skin Detox Plan, fruits and vegetables should be promoted.

The foods to avoid, the ones we all know: caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods top the list, which also includes dairy, meat, wheat and refined hydrocarbons such as white rice, potatoes, pasta and anything containing added sugar or sweeteners.

And to stimulate detoxification you must incorporate: lemons, asparagus, garlic, turmeric, brassica vegetables such as broccoli, dark green vegetables such as spinach or watercress, soluble fiber present in oats or lentils, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and two liters of water a day.

A complete program to renew the skin from the inside. Nutricosmetics has become an increasingly present and natural practice whose results can be seen in a short time. Do you dare to take the 28-day challenge?

RRP: 2.45 euros per bottle
Sales points at El Corte Inglés.