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Spring / Summer 2016 resurrects one of the  one of the trends that cause furor in the 90’s. The tattoo necklaces, comeback to stick to the neck.

Faced with the emotional nostalgia that causes us last, fashion always finds a reason to feel like us back. The chocker 

Frente a la nostalgia emocional que nos provoca el pasado, la moda siempre halla una razón para que nos apetezca recuperarla. Los chocker, triumohed in the 90’s, but in fact, women have been wearing cloth chockers for more than 300 years. The French ladies, with Marie Antoinette to the head, in the eighteenth century decided to give it a spin her necklaces, refined using strips of velvet and lace, the same who later inspired the Gothic aesthetic and grunge.Marie AntoinetteComing back to the present, this season this season is mastered by the feeling of the times where the modern is the old, giving way to a new eccentricity that the gateway has been commissioned to show the world. Chocker feber is elebated to the status of figures as Heidi Slimane that has known how to capture the grunge aesthetics in his Spring / Summer fashion show for Saint Laurent, parading their models with tattoo necklaces and thin, topped, lockets tiny chokers.


That ability to rummage in the trunk of memories to resurface triumphant highlights of the past, drags us to want them and turn them into one of our essential accessories. Following this, Chanel  Siguiendo la misma corriente, Chanel makes his personal stake in pearlescent and metallic version, seen in both its Pre-fall collections as Spring 2016. Karl Lageferld always attentive, he brings his particular universe true to the spirit of Madame Chanel.dior chanel lanvin3

Although this type of necklaces have always been in velvet, fashion brands choose to opt for new forms and materials, providing a more current and consistent with the times vision. For example, the chockers seen by Lanvinare found in between a 90’s necklace and the thin scarf, emulating the fake turtle neck, Christopeher Kane represents them as plastic, imitating the flanges¡, while Dior’s proposals are transformed into an exquisite combination of fabrics from which 2 numbers are hanging, the 1947 (date ejrn Miseur Dior presented his collection New Look) and the 8 (number that refers to the first collection of the Maison “In Huit”).
dior chanel lanvin2
FOTOS POST11dior chanel lanvin
In velvet, as the star material, decorated with cameos or strass, never forget wear them with a wide neckline to enhance and stylize the neck.

And if you need more reasons to give a try to this new season hit. follow the celebrities as Lily Deep or Poppy Delevigne, models as Cara Delevigne or Miranda Kerr, it girls as Alexa Chung or copy the  a las prescribing of the Street Style and you will realize the the Choker is triumphing.FOTOS POST6FOTOS POST7