Christian Louboutin, among the most famous luxury shoes’ stylists, presented the new line for this summer, made up of three collections: ballerina flats Solasofia, décolleté Pigalle Folies and Peep Toe Heels Senora. The main characteristic of this line is that every pair is available in different nude shades, so every woman can wear a nude look finding the shade that compliment her skin tone. louboutin 2  The initial idea was born in 2013, when an employee told him about the need of their clients to find the shade of beige to match the shoe to their skin tone. The innovation of this new summer line is the ballerina flats collection, launched in seven different shades that, from the darkest to the lightest, are called: Lea, Nue, Nats, Maya, Safki, Ada e Toudou.louboutin 3The price of Christian Louboutin Nude Collection’s shoes starts from 450 euros. The idea of increasing the colour range was defined “revolutionary” on social media world, because it considers the needs of all women. The porcelein Nude and Deep chocolate Nude are the new tones Christian Louboutin inserted in this new summer ballerina flats collection.

Every woman can find the perfect Nude that match her skin tone” assured Christian Louboutin, famous for his red sole shoes. Ballerina flats, produced with soft nappa leather, flexible and matt, were a success among social media. On the official Instagram profile, @LouboutinWorld, the shoes brand uploaded the pictures of Nude Collection’s ballerina flats, shared by the users with the hashtag #Nudesforall.