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Perhaps no other time of the year is so marked by our modern society for decorations, figurines, decorative souvenirs, gifts and to offer traditional foods and sweets, among other memorabilia, such as Christmas. In our Christmas edition, from Horse we have walked along the traditional markets of some European cities in search of their most typical products. So put on the scarf and the warm cap and accompany us on this tour to discover your favorite Christmas market.

Since 1786 in the vicinity of the Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​this Christmas market is opened every day from the end of November until December 23 inclusive, and it serves for the local people and visitors to get the most traditional handcrafted cribs of the city, with their Figurines, complements, landscapes of Bethlehem, caves, lights, candles and any other Catalan element as picturesque as the caganer or tió.
Another typical product of Mercat de Santa Llúcia is the Simbomba, a serious membranophone instrument of the Spanish Mediterranean used to accompany rhythmically the Christmas songs.

mercadillo navideño barcelona

The ‘Mercat de Santa Llúcia’ in Barcelona dates from 1786

This spectacular market is held this year between 10 December and 8 January in the Grote Markt, one of the main squares of this Flemish city. However, the hundreds of market stalls will also include the squares of Handschoenmarkt, Suikerrui, Steenplein and Groenplaats. This holiday attraction specializes mainly in crafts, but also in local winter delicacies like hot wine, gaufres or potatoes with bacon. It also has a charity project to raise funds for various charitable projects.

market, Christmas, Christmas market, Christmas markets, Europe

The most crowded Christmas market in Belgium is celebrated between gaufres and many other calories

The Austrian city, birthplace of Mozart, celebrates the Baby Jesus market in the central squares of Domplatz and Residenplatz with more than 85 market stalls, from mid-November to December 26 between lights, local products and Christmas decorations. Delights to the palate such as spicy dishes, punch, hot wine, desserts and coffee give way to the star of Salzburg: the egg painted by hand. Students and retirees work throughout the year decorating chicken eggs previously emptied with hypnotic thoughtful patterns, illustrations and messages.

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In the Mozart City, the eggs painted by hand are the stars of Christmas

The Christmas market of the Czech capital is divided into four locations throughout the center of the city, the most prominent are the locations of the Old City and Wenceslas Square. Celebrated between the end of November and the beginning of January, you will be able to purchase an extensive range of handcrafted glassware, wooden toys, candles and jewelry, as well as puppets and Christmas trees.
The Christmas cribs with animals, a giant tree full of lights and even a traditional Czech chorus are not missing year after year in this unforgettable meeting in Prague. Of course, the characteristic wooden huts also offer the local and the traveler sausages and strong spicy wines.

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One of the most colorful and complete Christmas markets in Central Europe

More recent than the others, as soon as this year’s edition will be the fourth installment, the Jul i Tivoli appointment in Copenhagen has already opened its well deserved space in our Christmas list. In the Tivoli gardens of this dreamy Danish city you can live an unforgettable Nordic Christmas which has nothing to envy its neighbors. Opened from December 19 until the last day of 2016, you can tour the miniature craft villages, in addition to their decorated market stalls with gifts and other typical items of the time.
The specialty of this market is undoubtedly the location. With a glistening lake that becomes a skating rink, a park full of lights, houses exquisitely decorated with garlands, a cabaret and setting with fireworks, what else can you demand of a Christmas market?

christmas market, christmas, market, markets, europe

The most recent on the list is also one of the most spectacular

Between 120 and 150 market stalls can host this market that has given to Bath, among other things, the nickname of English ‘Christmas City’. Located in the historic center of this city declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can buy any quality Christmas decorations that go through your head, and the best thing is that you will be very close to the Abbey of Bath and its Roman baths.
If you don’t settle for a taste of the delicious Christmas delicacies of this British region, we recommend you to do it between song and song of the choir of the abbey. Perhaps it already invites you more to approach this city of the English southwest by this dates.

Christmas market, market, Christmas, europe, european cities, Christmas markets

The largest and most reputed Christmas market in the British Isles

Active since the middle of the 16th century, which makes it one of the oldest in the world, the Christkindlesmarkt of the Bavarian city is linked by the original ‘Way of the Bethlehem’ to the Kinderweihnacht or Market for Children.
Both opened until December 24, it is considered Germany’s biggest holiday market and in search of some human warmth you will also get a lot of bread and gingerbread cookies, toasted almonds, hot wine and grilled sausages. A star of the place is certainly the Zwetschgenmännle, an edible figurine made from prunes.
In its neighboring market, Kinderweihnacht, the protagonists are the little ones since it specializes in distributing handicraft toys and children’s attractions such as a carousel with reindeer, Santa’s sleigh, a ferris wheel and a steam locomotive.

Christmas Market, christmas, market, germany

Bavarian and German gastronomy, the stars of Germany’s largest Christmas Market

After this select list, you will have no excuse not to stick to your warm winter clothes and prepare to immerse yourself in Christmas in the purest European style while you toast with an aromatic Glühwein. To your health and Merry Christmas!