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Vista Alegre has just presented at Maison & Object its new collections for 2020. Among them, we find some signed by Marcel Wanders, Ross Lovegrove or Christian Lacroix Maison. But if there is one that stands out for the surprising collaboration is Cloudy Butterflies, by Claudia Schiffer for Vista Alegre.

Cloudy Butterflies by Claudia Schiffer

The Portuguese ceramics firm has teamed up with the multifaceted model to create a collection of glass vases inspired by nature. The pieces have been made using an ancient medieval Italian technique of great technical complexity: the Incalmo technique. An artisanal way of creating glass pieces in which no mold is used and, in addition, the different colors are melted separately and then joined together to form the piece.

Claudia Schiffer para Vista Alegre

Three new vases from the Cloudy Butterflies by Claudia Schiffer collection.

Claudia Schiffer para Vista Alegre

Cloudy butterflies by Claudia Schiffer.

Vortex by Ross Lovegrove

This is not the first time that the Vista Alegre collaborates with the British designer. In 2018 they already launched the line of lamps E2H. Same white porcelain and rounded shapes are the protagonists of the new collection. Vortex is made up of three decorative pieces of different sizes and great technical complexity. Each of them composed of a single element modeled in biscuit and made by hand. This captures the force of rotation, the same force that inspires its vortex shape.

Claudia Schiffer para Vista Alegre

Vortex by Ross Lovegrove.

Blue Ming 2020 by Marcel Wanders

This collection is a continuation of Blue Ming, the line created by Marcel Wanders for Vista Alegre in 2017 and with which the designer reinvented the centuries-old tradition of Delf porcelain, fusing Dutch and Portuguese craftsmanship. Now, three new pieces of a much less conservative cut are added to those. The blue notes are maintained but a new material, glass, is now introduced; a more avant-garde design and a decorative functionality.

Claudia Schiffer para Vista Alegre

Blue Ming 2020 by Marcel Wanders.

Herbariae Parade by Christian Lacroix Maison

11 collections unite Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix Maison. And in fact, Herbariae Parade is the continuation of a previous collaboration, Herbariae. The 5 flowers that decorated that tableware, the black borders and the green and yellow shades now appear in these new and original pieces.

Claudia Schiffer para Vista Alegre

Herbariae Parade by Christian Lacroix Maison.

Plato Calendar 2020 by Philippine Poplu

Plato Calendario is a line launched by Vista Alegre in 2017 to commemorate the new year. Every year since then a different artist is in charge of designing this collectible piece. This time it was the turn of French illustrator Philippine Poplu. The plate celebrates the splendor of the Amazon, its fauna and flora. That wild nature is the protagonist of the illustration.

Claudia Schiffer para Vista Alegre

Plato Calendario 2020 by Philippine Poplu.

Claudia Schiffer’s collection for Vista Alegre is just one of the many collaborations that the porcelain firm has launched this year, some of them years in the making.

Images courtesy of Vista Alegre.