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This is the third consecutive year that Suarez has teamed up with a contemporary artist to create a special jewelry collection. In both 2018 and 2019, the jewelry brand collaborated with two urban artists: Okuda San Miguel and D*FACE. Both breathed a new, bold and original air into the elegance and craftsmanship of Suarez jewelry. This year, however, the firm wanted to take a small turn towards a more feminine and organic aesthetic and, for this, they have opted for the artist James Jean.

Suarez & James Jean

The Suarez team has brought artist James Jean’s designs to life.

The artist: James Jean

Multidisciplinary. This is the best term to define the career of this American artist of Taiwanese origin. He began his work as an illustrator for DC Comics and since then he has starred in many exhibitions and collaborated with media such as Time Magazine or The New York Times and fashion brands such as Prada or Phillip Lim, among many others. His works represent a world of dreams, surreal and romantic in which abound female characters and a fantastic nature. All this, together with a characteristic oriental influence and the use of curved lines, is reflected in this collection with Suarez.

Suarez & James Jean

Potion, Forager III and Gou Mang. three of James Jean’s works (2019).

The collection: Suarez & James Jean

The Suarez & James Jean collection consists of 7 numbered pieces, all made in rose gold and with multicolored sapphires. Among them, we find 3 rings with different floral motifs. One of these flowers is repeated in the bracelet of the collection, with articulated clasp, which has been designed so that the flower is wrapped around the arm, hugging the skin.

Suarez & James Jean

Rings and bracelet with floral motifs.

The butterflies have been the motif chosen for the other two rings of the collection. One of them retains the central pink sapphire structure and multicolored pavé around it that we already saw in previous floral designs. The other, however, eliminates the central body of the butterfly and incorporates two white diamonds in the wings.

Suarez & James Jean

Butterfly-shaped rings.

The earrings are undoubtedly one of the most special pieces of this collection. From the upper part, in white gold with diamonds, hang two flowers in rose gold and multicolored sapphires. Of them highlights its sweetness and movement, in addition to the pink and blue tones, a tonic throughout the collection and, in general, in the work of James Jean.

Suarez & James Jean

Earrings in white gold, rose gold, diamonds and multicolored sapphires.

The bonus: two pendants for a limited time only

In addition to these 7 jewels, the Suarez creative team has created two pendants in sterling silver that bring the collection closer to everyday life and to all budgets. They are now on pre-sale on their website for a limited time (until March 15). With this special sale they intend to emulate the prints of some of his works that James Jean usually puts on sale in limited edition.

Suarez & James Jean

Pre-order pendants from the collection. All pieces in the collection are accompanied by exclusive packaging designed by the artist.

Once again, Suarez brings together contemporary art and fine jewelry. The Suarez & James Jean collection is now on sale at the firm’s website.

Images courtesy of Suarez and James Jean.