David Lachapelle is one of the most popular and esteemed photographers in the world. He embraced the post-pop style with a touch of surrealism that change his art into something unique. His works are exhibited in major public and private collections around the world, among all we remember: Musée d’Orsay – Paris, The Brooklyn Museum – New York, The National Portrait Gallery– Washington DC, The National Portrait Gallery – London.  He has collaborated people like Angelina Jolie, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Madonna …


David Lachapelle, the great American artist and photographer, returns after more than 15 years in Rome (Palazzo Esposizioni), a city that deeply marked his artistic behavior.

In 2006, David Lachapelle had the chance to privately visit the famous “Sistine Chapel“.

Before that time David Lachapelle just let his works traveling in fashion magazines or books without any critical comments but, since then, the artist wanted to start showing his works in galleries and museums.

Under the strong influence of Michelangelo and his “Sistine Chapel“, David Lachapelle produced his collection of works “After the deluge”, that is the protagonist of the exhibition of this year in Rome.

sintitulo6sintitulo5sintitulo8The exhibition contains more than 150 works, many unpublished; It will be possible to visit until 13 September.


Tickets for sale at www.palazzoesposizioni.it