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Telecommuting is a reality. The pandemic has led many people to set up work areas at home. Sometimes with more space than others.

It is not just a matter of having a table and a desk chairs, which are essential elements for working. The idea is to create a pleasant corner where you can be much more productive. A home office that also fits with the aesthetics of your home. Here are the design trends in modern offices.

Tables that adapt to the space

It is important to have tables that adapt just to the space we have. It is obvious that if we have a room whose exclusive use will be that of our office, it will be much simpler. There is a wide variety of options for modern office tables: transparent glass, sturdy wood or even mixing various materials such as wood and glass or wood and metal, for offices with a certain urban character.

However, when we do not have enough space, we have to use our imagination. Fortunately, there are also options for us on the market. We find folding tables that can be stored away when we are not working. Tables that adapt to any room, corner and style.

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Trendy filing cabinets

A home office is going to require space to store papers. The trend in this is clear, filing cabinets are back. And with a certain vintage touch. Metal filing cabinets in the shape of a tower. Many of them incorporating wheels to be much more comfortable to transport.

Also of interest are wooden filing cabinets, with a certain visual weight, which can become a key piece in your home office decor.

Shelves never go out of style

While it is true that the filing cabinets are a piece that is being rescued a lot in this office decoration, the shelves are still present. Simple shelves with space to place folders and filing cabinets.

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Comfort and design

Never do without a comfortable office chair. Think that even if we are at home, using a dining room chair is not a good solution. The reason is that we will surely spend many, many hours sitting in them. This means that it is much more advisable to bet on an ergonomic chair that is able to support your weight and can help you maintain proper postural hygiene.

The good news is that there are many models that can look great both in a separate office and in an office integrated in another area of the house.

Color Palettes

We can also talk about trends in color palettes. In this sense, things have not changed too much. Neutral spaces are still prioritized with touches of color through furniture and even small decorative elements such as plants or paintings. Walls, on the other hand, are preferred clean in color. Walls that do not distract and create a certain sphere of serenity. In addition, we cannot deny that white will always be a color that matches perfectly with trendy materials such as natural wood or metal.