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Luxury brand Christian Dior enters the videogame market with Gran Turismo 7

The real world meets the digital world once again to create a most unexpected collaboration. On this occasion, Dior once again demonstrates its innovative capacity by creating a capsule collection for the seventh edition of one of the most iconic video games: Gran Turismo. Under the instructions of designer Kim Jones, the Maison is launching its own car, as well as a complete set, which can be downloaded directly from the game.

A vintage collection adapted to modern times.

Kim Jones, the creative genius behind this new virtual collection, has been in charge of designing and customising all the pieces of clothing, which consist of a yellow and grey jumpsuit with matching gloves, as well as a grey helmet with blue motifs. Finally, reinterpreted Diorizon shoes, with an ankle strap and printed with the brand’s logo.


Dior launches in its virtual collection a jumpsuit with matching gloves, a helmet and the reinterpreted and redesigned Diorizon exclusively for Gran Turismo 7. Credits: Amber Grace Dixon

Of course, Kim Jones was also in charge of customising a car for the videogame. In this case, an old and exclusive Italian model, specifically that of Tomaso Mangusta. The brand presents it in cream with a grey line that crosses the middle of the car. This choice is not random, but a tribute to the year 1947, when Christian Dior presented his first collection in New York and thus sealed the success of the new look and of the Maison.


The car that Kim Jones has customised bears the number 47, as do the helmet and overalls, in homage to the Maison.

Finally, the oblique Dior motifs, the initials CD Diamond and a patch reading Christian Dior Atelier Avenue Montaigne can be seen on all the elements of this collection.


In this virtual collection, attention to detail is important to develop a good product. Credits: Amber Grace Dixon

The collection is available from 25 August for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 only.

An entry into the digital world that does not go unnoticed

With this virtual collection, Dior officially enters the virtual world and does so in style. The metaverse, videogames and the Internet are now part of the fashion world, and fashion brands are making an increasing effort to understand this new world.

There are many brands that have already tried their luck in the metaverse, such as Lacoste, which joined the Minecraft video game to create a collection for spring-summer 2022. Pull&Bear also created a digital showroom with a surfing game included or Karl Lagerfeld, who entered as a character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

What is clear is that the line between the real world and the digital universe is increasingly blurred and no longer clear. Fashion companies are looking to experience and surprise, as well as to attract new audiences and new customers. That is why it is important to adapt to these new times and to the trends that are emerging, whether inside or outside digital life.

Images courtesy of Dior