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One of the most impressive botanical parks on the planet that combines landscaping with modernity and has a large number of lush gardens.

The Gardens by the Bay (18 Marina Gardens Dr) is one of the most important gardens in the Asian continent. It is located in Singapore, specifically in the Marina Bay Sand, thus being one of the main attractions of the city.


General view of the Gardens by the Bay

They have two areas, one with free access and the other with an entrance fee. In addition, they have been conceived in an environmentally friendly way. They have a number of professionals ranging from landscapers, horticulturists, engineers and plant health experts who ensure the conservation and proper development of the flora of the gardens.

This space contains three distinct gardens, the Bay South, the Bay East and the Bay Central. The largest of these is the Bay South,this includes several floral displays such as Tulipmania, Blossom Beats or Orchid Extravaganza. It is not only a great showcase for flowers and plants, but also hosts festivals, concerts, film screenings, sporting events, workshops, etc.

For the first time The Orient Espress outside France

One of the major new attractions for 2021 is Once Upon A Time on The Orient Express (Once Upon A Time on The Orient Express). This is a pop-up attraction that can be enjoyed from December 12 to June 13 on the West Lawn (across from Bayfront Plaza). Visitors will be able to explore two original carriages from 158 years ago, classified as National Treasures of France and designed by Georges Nagelmackers. In addition, in the 2000 m2 occupied by this attraction you can contemplate 300 objects such as uniforms, shields, posters, valuable porcelain or a Pullman wagon. 


View of the Orient Express

For fashion lovers, there is also original Louis Vuitton luggage. For the first time this exhibition moves outside France. Apart from the exhibition itself, there is also an exclusive store, the Orient Express shop, as well as the Orient Express road café and the Orient Express restaurant and lounge. In all this proposal is added an escape room..


Locomotora del Orient Express at Gardens by the Bay

Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased here.


Aerial view of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

The Bay East is the ideal place to contemplate the skyline of the city, this space is freely accessible. However, the Bay Central has not yet been completed, it is a promenade in front of the sea with a distance of 3km.

The different attractions

One of the attractions of this park is the Flower Dome. It is a place where temperatures similar to those of the Mediterranean spring are recreated, you can find plants that could not be seen in Singapore as olive trees or baobabs. In addition, its exhibitions are changing. To access you must purchase a ticket, more information here..

In Horse we talk about the most impressive vertical gardens in the world is the Cloud Forest. It is an enclosed space that recreates tropical mountains where you can see orchids and ferns. It has an impressive waterfall with a 30-meter drop. To access you must purchase a ticket, more information here..


Reigning waterfall in the Cloud Forest

To enjoy privileged views of the sea and the city of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay has the Supertree Grove.  The Supertree Grove is a 25- and 50-meter-high observation deck, which offers a light and sound show at night. In addition, it has a Skyway at 22 meters high that allows you to enjoy the panoramic views when you reach the Supertree Observatory. Entrance to Supertree Grove is free, but access to the OCBC Skyway and observatory must be paid.

Floral Fantasy is a beautiful garden with flowers of various types that offers a unique landscape. You must book admission in advance. For the little ones in the house is the Far East Organization Children’s Garden, a place equipped with interactive games and pools. Admission is free.


Floral Fantasy is another stunning floral art space.

Another point of interest in Gardens by the Bay are the sculptures. There are more than 40 sculptures from around the world with very different motifs each. Such as Planet by Marc Quinn, a 7-ton baby sculpture, or the sculptures by Manolo Valdés: Ferns and The Sea Shell.

More parks with different themes

This is not all, you can also tour different gardens for free, such as Sun Pavilion which emulates a desert landscape with a variety of species of cactus. The Heritage Gardens that delve into the culture and history of the Asian country. There is also The Canyon, one of the newest attractions and features an exhibition of sculptural rocks. If you still want to enjoy more plants, there is World of Plants, where you can learn more about how they adapt to the environment, how they bloom, etc.

You can also visit the lakes Dragonfly and Kingfisher, where aquatic plants and fish take center stage, and as the name suggests you can find dragonflies flying around the area.


The Supertree Grove offering its nightly show

The last garden that can be visited is Serene Garden. It is a garden in the purest zen style, 2 minimalist hectares that evoke peace and tranquility to visitors.

The restaurant offering The Gardens by the Bay is almost as spectacular as its grounds, featuring eight different restaurants and cafes.

With this imposing park you already have an excuse to visit this small Southeast Asian country, it is very close to Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. So if you have the opportunity, it is worth visiting Gardens by the Bay.

Ticket information 2021: We recommend reserving electronic tickets in advance to reserve your place.

All images courtesy of Gardens by the Bay and Orient Expresss.