This spring/summer 2015 season advise us about different and fun ideas for our looks. This year the make-up could be defined very “ eclectic” , although NUDE and TAN styles are always a timeless classic. From runways we can see differents colors combinations and techniques; for example blue, pink, green and white… that make this summer a return to 70s. Peter Phillips ( make-up artist) for FENDI’s runway put blue leather strips just above the black eyeliner creating a real seventies look. thumb-5.php Chanel multicolor’s choice is for the most daring…. This punk look reminds us thet the trand of this summer comes directly from British culture of 70s. thumb-6.php For the “Hippy Chic” collection EMILIO PUCCI’s  make-up artists used pink tones. Almost natural lips and eyelashes very sharp in perfect 70s style. thumb-7.php Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Brand opted for a natural look, easy to copy, where the focus is on the lips with an incredible plum tone. thumb-8.php The cat eye effect remains at the top of this spring/summer 2015. This look proposed by PRADA’s make up artists, imagine the woman of this season with a clean and cared skin, with a special attention to the eyeliner that can be changed and adapted depending on the eye shape of each of us. thumb-9.php Marc by MarcJacobs opted for the most absolutly simplicity of the tipical and always loved “ clean face ”. Although the real protagonists of this make-up and this summer too, are the eyebrows, indispensably wide, marked and well combed. thumb-10.php The woman reinterpreted by MOSCHINO is a gorgeous Barbie; pink is triumphing, the summer color, for lips … XXL eyelashes and well marked eyebrows. Nude, multicolored, seventies, tan… wathever your style is we want to advise about the coolest shades for your lips for this summer….You can’t resist them! PintaLabiosVerano3