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While in the Western world New Year’s celebration has gone down in history, in Asia has not arrive yet. The Year of the Earth Dog begins on February 16th and ends on February 4th, 2019.  Thus, in just a few days, the Asian world leaves behind the year of the Fire Rooster to welcome the Year of the Earth Dog.


Welcome to the Year of the Earth Dog!

After two years ruled by fire, the Earh Dog comes willing to make justice. In the traditional Chinese culture, dogs, the eleventh animal of the Chinese zodiac calendar, represent loyalty and courage. Two qualities that come to face the feeling of helplessness that governed the previous extreme elements.

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To the conquest of the Asian market

This tradition so rooted in the culture of the Asian giant arrives to the West in the form of an exotic celebration; but for the great Western firms it is much more. China, and the Asian continent in general, is a great market opportunity for luxury firms, increasingly fashionable among young rich peopleThat is why, on this date, firms dress up with some of their most iconic garments for the occasionThese are decorated with the symbol of this new year and with the colors that govern it forming limited edition and original collections. A good way to join the celebrations and conquer the emerging Asian market.

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Just as the dragon in the West is a symbol of the most exotic and distant, the image of a dog is very familiar and is in everyone’s daily life. It is a symbol that adapts perfectly to the western imaginary and, probably for this reason, the designers of the most prestigious firms have not found difficulties in adapting this figure and include it in their garments. In Gucci, for example, its creative director, Alessandro Michele, has based his special collection on his two Boston Terrier, Bosco & Orso.

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The sign of the man’s best friend

The sign of the Dog is the most humanistic sign of the Chinese zodiac. Loyal, honest, intelligent, kind, faithful, instinctive… If you were born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and, now, 2018, it will be the year to put your priorities in balance and let this best friend to guide you through darkness.

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Giorgio Armani or Gianni Versace are some of the great fashion icons born under the sign of the dog. The celebration of the Chinese New Year is introduced in collections and catwalks not only through the image of the dog but through the colors that symbolize it: green, blue and black.

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East or West, the Year of the Earth Dog has come into fashion to conquer our hearts.