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In Horse, we believe that eco and nature concepts should not be at odds with design and luxury. Our sustainable philosophy is that always guides us in the pursuit of trends and innovation, also within travels.

Therefore, we support eco glampings, because they offer the possibility of relaxing in unique natural environments, without forgetting the amenities of deluxe resorts. Here we detail a list of some very special accommodations, where ecological values ​​and contemporary design join to make an unforgettable glamping experience.


In the Dominican Republic, far from the typical beach and all-inclusive resorts, we find this eco accommodation located in the lush coastal forest at the province of Samana. The Dominican Treehouse Village has 22 outdoor cabanas situated among the trees and made from local materials.

The complex can boast that everything has been done with respect for the environment since its aim is that guests can be in communion with nature. In fact, their furniture and hanging hammocks are handcrafted.

glamping-dominican-treehouseglamping-treehouse-view-small glamping-treehouse-views-dominicanUndoubtedly, it is an idyllic place to enjoy with the five senses and let oneself go by its spectacular vegetation. Whether you are on a romantic trip or in a retreat, is the ideal place to practice yoga, get lost among its natural roads or hearing the sound of the native fauna. Unforgivable not go to Lulu Waterfall which is only a stone’s throw away from the main Eco-lodge and restaurant.

The prices of the Dominican Treehouse Village hover around $230 and $350 per night, depending on the cabana and experience you choose.




Glamping on the Rock is a project made by ArchiWorkshop, a design studio that has tried to build this campsite with minimal changes in the natural environment. It is located in the region of Ga-Pyeong, just outside of Seoul in South Korea.

This glamping is inside our selection for their aesthetic inspired by the space itself in which it is located. The aim of its architecture is to evoke at all times that we’re in a mountainous area of ​​pine forests and rock formations.


corea-archiworkshop-glamping-rock corea-glamping-rock-design corea-rock-glampingGlamping on the Rock is a project of ArchiWorkshop design studio 

The reception building surprises the newcomer’s guests by its contemporary design in black cedar with asymmetrical crystals.

The designs of the other accommodations are divided among Rock Flower and Dynamic Triangle concepts. While the first is a circular luxury tent, the second evokes a typical camping shed in a modern version.

corea-glamping-on-the-rock glamping-triangle-rock corea-glamping-rock-diseñoRock Flower and Dynamic Triangle are the two designs of the accommodations  



Elqui Domos, in Chile, describes itself as “a magical place to rest, introspection and observation”. And it is not a mistake, because what distinguishes this glamping is its “domes and cabins called observatories”, from where you can fall asleep watching the stars.

Located in Elqui Valley, 580 km from Santiago de Chile, it stands out for its geodesic constructions which attract attention. In addition to the accommodations themselves, also there is an astronomical observatory with two next-generation telescopes, for those who want to enjoy the beautiful sky of the valley in a completely professional way.




elqui-domos-estrellas-habitacion-domo elqui-domos-habitación-observatorio elqui-domos-habitación-chile-observatorio

Elqui Domos is an observatory-glamping

They ensure that their peace and tranquility environment is also ideal for conducting business events, workshops and team building. Additional services include meditation, reiki, tarot or massages.

The rates for foreign guests are $155 per night in the low season and $190 per night if you go in the high season.

elqui-domos-glamping-eco-chileelqui-domos-glamping-eco elqui-domos-eco-glamping




Also in Latin America, this time in Argentina, we find Entre Cielos which is a complex of 16 rooms set in a vineyard of eight hectares. Conceived for wine lovers, the exterior design of the suites includes clean lines and curves that embrace the natural beauty of the surroundings.

We emphasize its Loft Suite for its futuristic style. It is sustained by high pillars which flies over the vineyards with an exquisite taste. In addition to its expansive views, it is equipped with all the comforts and facilities, including a whirlpool bath.

entre-cielos-glamping-viñedosentre-cielos-glamping-viñedos-vinoviñedos-entre-cielos-glamping-vinoEntre Cielos is designed for wine lovers

The owners of the resort are a group of friends who decided to leave their lives in Switzerland to fulfill their dream of owning vineyards. In Lujan de Cuyo, one of the largest wine regions of Latin America, they found the ideal place to make it happen. There, they produce their own and exclusive Marantal wine in three lines.

Loft Suite prices are between $280 and $600 per night, depending on season. Also, we want to note that Entre Cielos has the only Spa + Hamam in South America which is perfect for relaxing among glasses of wine.