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April 23rd is International Book Day and Catalonia celebrates Sant Jordi where it is customary for men to give a red rose to women and for women to give them a book. Today we bring you the new publications for May, but first we would like to review the reading trends in Spain provided by the market research company Toluna.

Extremadura the community with the highest readership

The big headline refers to the fact that, after the pandemic, 64% of Spaniards read more or even much more. This is undoubtedly good news for the publishing sector. More than half of the Spanish population (53%) consider themselves moderate readers and 41% are book devourers. The community in which more people live who devour books is Extremadura, with 71%. While the community with a lowest percentage of book-loving people is the Balearic Islands with 15%, of the Peninsula would be Aragon with 33%. In the case of Madrid it would be third in the ranking with 50% while Catalonia would occupy the eleventh position with 35%.

The recommendations of friends and family is the most widespread way to choose which book to read, with 62% of Spaniards claiming to follow this advice. Despite the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover“, 25% do and buy a book by its appearance. A similar figure, 24% directly browse the new releases section. As for the paper books they are the most preferred by readers, with 63% while e-books make up 19%.

In terms of subject matter, the most successful genre is the historical novel followed by the crime novel, science fiction and fantasy, the noir novel and the classics..

May Publishing News

Having seen these data, as well as the previous-months, we start a new month with the new releases for May, several proposals of great interest that explore the trajectory of artists such as Depeche Mode, present the most important collection of cars, delve into maritime history, invite us to exclusive places like the Hamptons, or places of great beauty such as Provence. There are also keys to happiness based on the way of doing things in the countries of the world, proposals to eat healthier and in a more sustainable way. The “jewel in the crown” is the work of Lita Cabellut, Bodas de sangre in which she reinterprets the work of Federico García Lorca.

Provence Glory by François Simon (Ed.Assouline)

With this title of the prestigious publisher Assouline transports us to the beautiful Provence. It takes us through photographs of great artistic quality to the crystalline beaches of Marseilles, as well as to the lavender fields in Valensole, or the beautiful villages found in this French region. Its great beauty has inspired artists such as Cézanne, Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso. As well as the writers Alexandre Dumas and Jean Giono. .


Ultimate Collector Cars (Taschen)

Taschen presents an anthology consisting of a double volume dedicated to collector cars. Its pages feature 100 of the most important and desirable automobiles. Some examples are the Mercedes-Simplex 40 hp 1903 or the McLaren Speedtail 2020. For this purpose, images and texts are used in the purest Taschen style.


Blood Wedding by Lita Cabellut (Artika Books)

This edition presents Lita Cabelllut‘s artistic interpretation of Federico García Lorca’s work. Cabellut’s creation process has lasted four years and has been inspired by the theatrical tragedy, the characters and their souls. The result has been a series of 31 drawings created especially for this edition. Only 1998 copies have been published, which have been signed by the artist, who has also been involved in all phases of editing.

bodasdesangre-litacabellut-magazinehorse litacabellut-bodasdesangre-magazinehorse

The guide to better living by various authors (Ed. Geoplaneta – Lonely Planet).

Release date: April 28.

Another of May’s editorial novelties is this publication that explores the national psyche of around 80 countries, offering the reader different ways of being happy. There are many ways, but they often coincide in highlighting the relevance of tolerance, family health, nature or the sense of community. It also provides terms and practices such as yoga, meditation, Danish hygge or Japanese shinkrinyoku.


Hamptons Private by Dan Rattiner (Ed. Assouline) 

Release date: April 30.

The Hamptons are pure luxury and with this book readers are invited to immerse themselves in this exclusive environment. With large images and text it shows the environment with its beaches and natural spaces. It also focuses on the leisure optionsof its residents such as sailing on a yacht in The Springs, playing polo in Bridgehampton or surfing in Ditch Plains.


Un mar sin límites by David Abulafia (Ed. Crítica)

Release date: May 12.

David Abulafia, Professor Emeritus of Mediterranean History at the University of Cambridge brings us this title which addresses the history of the seas on a large scale and from a different perspective than others, from the sea itself and not from the land. It deals from the first maritime community, the Polynesians of the Pacific who already in the 1st century traded among their islands, to the merchants of the 16th century through the Vikingos.


Waste-free Cooking by Linday Miles (Libros Cúpula)

Release date: May 19.

We bring you this proposal to be able to buy, cook and eat in a sustainable way and without generating hardly any waste. It is precisely the kitchens where more waste is generated in our home. And the fact is that what is bought, cooked and eaten generates a greater impact than the bags -which are used less and less- for shopping. Linsday Miles introduces us to a series of practices to avoid single-use packaging, reduce our carbon footprint by changing our diet and much more.


Green life, blue planet by Murnau Den Linden (Libros Cúpula)

Release date: May 19.

This book is the first book-journal that allows the reader to get involved in the fight against climate change. Throughout the book, the reader learns how to fight climate change by implementing changes in food, travel or shopping. For this there are advices, as well as challenges to be able to lead a green life to continue living on a blue planet..



 Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn (Taschen).

Release date: May 25.

This volume presents over 500 photographs from the archives of Anton Corbijn. Some of them are coming to light for the first time, along with stage designs, sketches, album coversCorbijn was Depeche Mode’s photographer for 40 years and his aesthetic consolidated the genius and avant-garde reputation of the cult band.


Your diet can save the planet by Aitor Sánchez García (Ed. Paidós).

Release date: May 26.

One of the best known nutritionists and scientific disseminators in our country, Aitor Sánchez García, publishes this book where he makes a series of proposals for healthy food that at the same time also comply with a responsible consumption. He not only includes proposals, but also explains how we have reached this situation of high environmental impact.


Images provided by the different publishers.

We hope you liked our selection and we encourage you to read some of the proposals.