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EIGHT AND BOB is a mythical perfume, one of the most exclusive perfume and the favourite of the most elegant men in the world. It is defined as a “revolutionary fragrance in its day, great classic of today, that has gone through the time defying trends”.


Was Albert Bouquet, son of an aristocratic Parisian of the high society of the early 20th century and expert in perfumes, who created this traditional and static fragrance that became the most longed among the most influential figures of the time. In one of the rooms at the chateau of the family he create and perfect some essences for his personal use and then he surprise with his exquisite fragrance in every social event. Increasingly this scent was sued by the exclusive social circle he frequented, but Albert continually rejected interesting proposals to commercialize it.


One summer night in 1937 on the French Riviera, he met a young American student who was travelling around France in a convertible car. That young man was John F. Kennedy, who became infatuated with the essence that Albert used. The next morning, he left a copy of his anonymous fragrance with a note: “In this jar you will find the dose of French glamour missing in your American sympathy”. Upon returning from vacation, Albert received a letter of thanks from JFK where he explained the success that had among his friends and he begged Albert to send him 8 more examples and, “if your production permits, another for Bob”.

Albert sent a box of samples to him, but didn’t fulfilled the task until Philippe found in a Parisian pharmacy some flasks of glass that Albert considered suitable his fragrance: a few boxes that reproduced the stamped of the shirt that wore John Kennedy when they meet. Finally, he labeled the jars and boxes with the sympathetic request John: “EIGHT & BOB”. Months later, he started to receive request submitted by various directors, producers and Hollywood actors like Cary Grant or James Stewart.


Unfortunately, the success of EIGHT & BOB did not spread. In 1939, Albert died in a car crash near Biarrtiz and Philippe, the only one that could meet the requests received, could only continue this work for a few months because the beginning of World War II forced him to leave his work with the Fouquet family. But Philippe hid the jars in books that he punched carefully in order to prevent the Nazis stole these perfumes.

Decades later, thanks to the Butler’s family, has been recovered completely the formula of this perfume, returning to be today one of the most exclusive and preferred perfumes by the most elegant men in the world.

EIGHT AND BOB is an exquisite creation, pure delight for the senses with unique materials as “Andrea”, the aromatic plant that enriches its essence and gives elegance and personality. The result is a concentrate of timeless elegance that despite the passage of years, has not lost any of modernity since its creation.


Price of 100ml perfume in the box: 125.00€

Price of 100ml perfume inside the book: 135.00€

It is in Perfumerías Regia, in Perfumería Nadia (Madrid) in Perfumería Isolee (Madrid) and in the most exclusive niche perfumeries.