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Corsets have starred in countless films, series, have been the centre of attention in works of art, and worn by the most famous characters of world literature. This 2022, the corset returns reinvented to stylize our waist;

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Corsets have been an important piece of clothing, which has evolved and adapted to the fashions and centuries. This garment, worn as an undergarment, originates from Italy. In the sixteenth century, it was introduced by Catherine de Medici at the French court, where it became a mustfor all women of the aristocracy. The corset has always symbolised the oppression of the female sex, but nowadays, it has been reinvented and is positioned as a feminine piece, created by women for women, where oppression has no place..

Obviously, the romanticism of the corsets of yesteryear had nothing to do with their comfort. That’s why those that exist today are flexible, light and very comfortable. This is the garment of the summer, and here we show you how to combine it!

The corset, the infinite trend

Although the corset is making a strong comeback as a trend for 2022, it has been on the catwalks for decades. In the 70s, Vivienne Westwood presented her punk-style corsets, which are still worn by many celebrities today. Designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler incorporated the corset into their designs in the 80s, and they have become a signature garment of the brands. Many luxury brands such as Balmain, Versace, Schiaparelli or Yves Saint Laurent have already integrated corsetry into their designs.


Dior – Jean Paul Gaultier – Versace

The corset has played a starring role in great pop culture scenes. How can we not remember the iconic Madonna who was part of the corset’s popularity when she wore a Gaultier design in pink satin during her tour in 1990.

Madonna Corsé

Madonna on tour in a Jean Paul Gaultier corset – Vogue

At this year’s MET gala, In America: An Anthology of Fashion, the corset was the centrepiece of many of the outfits of the evening. We saw it integrated in a more classic form as in Billie Eilish’s dress by Gucci or reinterpreted in the form of a suit as in Evan Mock’s look by Head of State.

From left to right. Evan Mock, Rosalia and Billie Eilish – Vogue

The corset is a traditional piece, but one that gives a lot of scope for modern reinterpretations. Schiaparelli is one of the houses that has best adapted the design of the corset to the avant-garde of the year 2022. Its spring haute couture show is full of corset looks that seem otherworldly. Die-cut, with conical breasts – reminiscent of Gaultier’s design – or with a large halo surrounding the torso, Schiaparelli’s corsets leave no one indifferent.

Corsé tendencia

Schiaparelli Alta Costura Spring 2022

How to combine the corset?

Many influencers and celebrities have already joined the trend for 2022, and we’ve taken inspiration from them to combine this special garment. If you want a more casual and urban look, you can add some baggy trousers to your outfit, like Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner have done.

Looks corsé

From left to right. Dua Lipa. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner in corseted looks.

If you prefer a more formal look, you can combine a see-through corset with suit trousers or leather trousers in the same colour. To finish, add a pair of triangle heels like Dakota Johnson, Gigi Hadid or Irina Shayk.

Looks corsé

From left to right. Dakota Johnson, Gigi Hadid and Irina Shayk in corseted looks.

Finally, corsets can also be integrated into a dress. Again with transparencies, like Zendaya’s dress, with a different touch like Camila Cabello’s or the most modern like Kim Kardashian’s.

Looks corsé

From left to right. Zendaya, Camila Cabello and Kim Kardashian in corset dresses.

The corset will be a big hit in 2022 and you will want to wear it all the time. Join the corset trend and show off your best outfits!