Summer always calls for holidays, beaches and the sun; and that’s why Emirates, a global connector of people, places and passions, offers flights to the best destinations in AfricaAsia, and the Pacific so travelers can enjoy some of  the more beautiful and paradisiac beaches in our planet.

Here go 5 suggestions to get inspired and choose which beach to escape to this summer with Emirates, which offers 4 daily flights from Spain to Dubai with comfortable connections to get to the desired destination.

Aquí, 5 propuestas para inspirarse y elegir a qué playa escaparse este verano con Emirates, que ofrece 4 vuelos diarios desde España a Dubái con cómodas conexiones para llegar al destino elegido.

  • The island of La Digue, the 4th bigges island in the Seychelles, is where the incredible Anse Source d’Argent beach is hidden. Its unique and peaceful environment is delivered thanks to its combination of beautiful shades, from the sea’s turquoise, to the white sands or the intense green of the tropical flora. Particularly, all the beaches in this island have ruggedly eroded boulders which turn the environment into an art piece, as if it where an sculpture.
  • Emirates offers daily flights from Madrid and Barcelona (via Dubai) to the Seychelles, with fares from 1.055€ i/v in Economy.


  • In the middle of the Indic Ocean we can find a small oasis, the idillic Island of Kuda Bandos; which is one of the 1.192 coral reef islands in the Maldives and its nearly inhabited. Very few waters in the world are as blue and crystalline as these, which deliver really high visibility when snorkeling.
  • Emirates offers daily flights from Madrid and Barcelona (via Dubai) to the Maldives, with fares from 895 i/v in Economy.


  • There are about 154 islands that belong to the province of Krabi – Thailand, the most famous being Ko Phi Phi Lee, even more after “The Beach”, the famous Leonardo Di Carpio movie was filmed in it. Ko Phi Phi Lee was completely virgin before 2004, and now has become one of the best beaches for diving.
  • Emirates offers daily flights from Madrid and Barcelona (via Dubai) to Phuket, with fares from 649€ i/v in Economy.

Ko Phi Phi Le Beach-2

  • Byron Bay is a seaside city 175 Km south from Brisbane – Australia. It was a hippie city in the 60s and 70s, and nowadays it still retains some of these alternative demeanors. The beach in Byron Bay has crystalline water and white sand, and there even is a funcional lighthouse that offers a panoramic sight of the beach, and where, occasionally, one can see whales and dolphins in migration.
  • Emirates offers daily flights from Madrid and Barcelona (via Dubai) to Brisbane, with fares from 1.275 i/v in Economy.


  • In between Vietnam and CamboyaPhu Quoc is the biggest vietnamese island, and has been Unesco Heritage since 2006, because of the enormous biodiversity it harbors. Only 50 minutes away from Ho Chi Minh city, Phy Quoc is one of the chosen destinations for vietnamese honeymooners. Sao Beach is the most tempting option for those who seek intimacy, transparent shallow waters, white sands, and tropical and exotic surroundings.
  • Emirates offers daily flights from Madrid and Barcelona (via Dubai) to Ho Chi Minh, with fares from 699€ i/v in Economy.

sao beach

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