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Paper has become a true artistic tool, with infinite possibilites becuase of its maleability.

Today we introduce two artists that have created authentic artworks with this material.

One of them is Mahi Rehan, an artist that studied finance to take care of its family but to whom art is innate.

IMG_2634She’s always accompanied by an Aristotle quote which has been her base and inspiraton about the importance of details that may seem useless, and how art is inside of them.

Her paper flowers are handmade, one by one, so two of her flowers will never be the same. Each one is unique.

They are sprayed with acrylics to protect the paper so it won’t lose its color, while also making the flowers more resistent.
Their size changes, depending on our individual taste, and the protagonisme you may want to let the flower take. The colors are usually kept neutral so they can complement any idea or use you might want to give this kind of 3D paper.
Right now there’s an exhibition of this arduous work in the Math department of Santa Barbara’s University.
Also, the floral 3D paper can be rented through the website Mahi Reham, where you can see examples of its convenience to be used in any event or party: photocalls, weddings, meetings…



Asya Kozina, is a russian artist with a strong historical inspiration. She bases her paper designs in ages or time periods. Her latest creation, after original bride dresses of the mongol ethnic group or chess horses, have been Barroque headdresses.

It’s the very artist the one to claim that wigs have always fascinated her, with an special interest in the barroque age, since, without being practic at all, they were art for the sake of it, beautiful art with shine.

For the making of the headresses, the stifness of paper has helped keep the shapes elevated, the individual leaves of manufactured paper, curled with extreme delicacy and cut as a hair permanent. They are also embellished with flowers, leaves and even an intricate sailboat placed up top in one of the paper headdresses.

Fantasy comes in these creations that remember the majesty of this kind of hairdos, with a certain sculpture in its structure.





In this way, the artist reinvents with her own style the characteristic hairstyles of the time, in this last series of paper collections.