Although it may seem a cliché, our eyes reflect a lot of ourselves. Joy, sadness and fatigue are the most common emotional manifestations, but there are also many others, more related to aesthetics, that show an inadequate care of this important part of our facial anatomy.

The purpose of this article is to learn what we do wrong or what signs warn us of improper eye and eye contour care.

Eye contour is the face’s most fragile area since it is poor in sebaceous glands and in collagen and elastin fibers. It is 5 to 10 times thinner than the rest of the face and the lymphatic and blood vessels are more thin and there are a few less. In addition, it is an area subject to mechanical stress of 10,000 blinks daily and the continuous movement of 22 muscles. All these peculiarities make the eye contour the first zone that suffers the signs of aging, prematurely forming small wrinkles, signs of tiredness, puffy bags and/or dark circles under your eyes.

Bags, dark circles and wrinkles: all the signs of age that no woman wants to see when she looks in the mirror

What actions contribute to a faster “deterioration” of this area?

• Use of unsuitable cosmetics
• Low or no protection against sun exposure
• Repeated forced gesticulations: due to vision deficits, exposure to the sun without protective glasses
• Long exposures to cold and wind
• Allergies to make-up products

In Institut Saurina de Pomaré we propose the following trilogy of actions in order to prolong beauty and health of your eyes and their contour: Diagnosis and personalized advice, specific treatments and micropigmentation.

1. Daily use of specific cosmetic formulations adapted to the needs of each person: anti-wrinkles, drainage and/or lightening to treat signs of aging, water-origin bags and/or dark surrounds. In Institut Saurina de Pomaré we offer professional advice on the most suitable products for each person and situation. It is important to keep in mind that the needs respecting eye contour change due to different factors (climatic, environmental, nervous) and the professional assessment is the most optimal way to select which cosmetic products to use at any moment. That belief that we can always use the same product is a mistake!

Professional cosmetic advice is one of the keys to a perfect eye contour

2. Specific treatment of eyes and their contour adapted to the individual needs and established after a previous diagnosis. The “START EYES” treatments (bags, dark circles and wrinkles) and “HIFU EYES” (anti-wrinkles) are two of the proposals that we offer you in Institut Saurina de Pomaré.

3. Many people are allergic to make-up products so MICROPIGMENTATION makes special sense in these cases. Our proposal totally escapes from the stridencies and proposes a practical and definitive option based on natural pigments totally hypoallergenic.

Eyes micropigmentation in Institut Saurina de Pomaré, without stridencies and subtly, adds intensity to the look without the need for makeup.

And as a “trick” to keep the area hydrated during sun exposure, cover your eyes with cotton disks impregnated with thermal water and you’ll notice the difference!
Make an appointment for a diagnosis, free of charge, in Institut Saurina de Pomaré and … SEDUCE WITH YOUR LOOK!