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As our lives evolve, day by day we also find changes in technology. Some advances are more useful than others, but there is no doubt that we can always take advantage of these latest developments to make the most of our valuable time.

Undoubtedly, nowadays Apps are fashionable and I’m sure that the ones I bring you will be the favorites of your cell phones and iPads and will give the perfect click, not only to keep abreast of trends, but to organize the day to day in a very original way.



This is perhaps the most complete application, the most used and undoubtedly one of my favorites.

It works through an image recognition system, in addition to searching for clothes and accessories, it gives us millions of inspirations so that when we locate our clothes we can create impressive looks.

And that’s not all, if you’ve seen a print or fabric you couldn’t find, shop & shop will find it for you. Just draw, search, filter and voilàaa!




If you are truly passionate about trends and want to have Paris, NY, London and Milan in the blink of an eye, this app is for you.

You can have the fastest and easiest source of the latest fashion shows, where you will find the best catwalks minutes after they start, you won’t miss any backstage details with front row images. But best of all, with the “Lookfinder” option you can search for clothes by runway type, designer, season, color, model and trend.

Can we ask for anything more at our fingertips?




We’ve all had days when we have no idea what to wear, trying on a thousand styles and ending up wearing the first thing that comes our way as we go about our day.

I bring you the solution! Here comes the application that allows us to import images from our real closet and create collages that we can organize week after week in a very trendy calendar.

In addition to an exclusive “Expert Styling” where you can get advice from a fashion stylist who will be at your disposal.

No more time wasted organizing and thinking how to look more beautiful!




Have you ever imagined that there could be an app that would immediately tell us what our skin needs and what treatments to follow?

My Skin performs a thorough analysis of your skin, giving you more than 160,000 products from around the world that will help you take care of your skin according to your lifestyle, the state of your skin and even your diet. And obviously it gives us all the online shopping options with their recommendations. Just take the time to answer a few questions and be amazed by the results.

Healthier from the inside out with a little help we can’t resist.



I’ve always loved the idea of changing my look. I think it’s a way to renew ourselves, enhance our best features and feel more confident.

We do not imagine how the color and cut of our hair can change our image, transforming it and creating a perfect synchrony with our silhouette, face and style of dress.

Our tastes are constantly changing and so are the looks for your hair. If you want to dare to experiment with new styles, Hairstyle Wizard lets you see thousands of options to make you look more beautiful.

Upload your best photo and get ready to have one of the best laughs until you find that special cut and color that fits your personality and tastes.




Have you ever wondered what makes you choose one perfume over another? What makes you feel more identified with one scent than another? Or which perfume suits me best and why? Sometimes we choose a scent because it is in fashion, because we like the way it smells on someone else or because we are simply attracted to the way it is presented.

iPerfumer is an app with the best reviews, ingredients and endless brands to make a more careful and personalized decision.

Mine without a doubt is: eau de parfum By Narciso Rodriguez.



If you have the same habit as me of painting your nails every day, you’ll love this app. Opi, luxury brand for nail polish, brings hundreds of colors that you can adapt in a virtual hand with your skin tone and nail length to start trying all the colors you want.

Once you download this app, the shades will be updated as new releases are released so you’ll always be up to date. And best of all, when you decide on a shade, the store locator will lead you to your favorite colors in seconds.




Luxury tourism, high-end hotels and the recommendation of the most demanding customers are the plus of this app.

“Jet Setter has a huge VIP catalog carefully selected for stays all over the world and the best offers to stay in them. And the best part is that it has the list of the most exclusive clients to help you when choosing your destination.




And finally the App of App’s where we find a series of applications for stylish people. Grouped by color, they promise to be your direct access to the most exclusive services.

A universe of luxury, in its simplest version.