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Creativity has no boundaries and fashion designers demonstrate it going into the world of decoration to create exclusive collections that reflect their style. A style that goes beyond the way of dressing, which aims to reach all facets of its clients’ daily life. Fashion and design merge into furniture and accessories created to dress your home with style.

Maison Lacroix 

It is not the first time that Christian Lacroix enters the deco world nor it is not the first time that Roche Bobois collaborates with the fashion world to give shape to his creations.In an appeal to designers they have launched exclusive collections by Jean Paul Gautier, Missoni and Sonia Kyliel.

This time they have had Lacroix for launching a capsule collection that has seen the light this September. Twenty different furniture pieces designed by Sacha Walckhoff, creative director at Christian Lacroix Maison, representing a tribute to the purest “French art de vivre”. “Fashion and design share certain points in common: creativity, audacity and ingenuity”, says Gilles Bonan, president of Roche Bobois.

moda y diseño

Dining set, carpet and some of the pieces of furniture available

The collection consists of a dining, sofas, a carpet and other small furniture of luxurious materials and daring design. An engraving representing the Arles of the nineteenth century, fetish city of Maison Lacroix, adorns many furniture of the collection. Among them, a folding screen in which the classicism of the past merges with the fantasy of a superimposed garden as a collage.

moda y diseño

In this folding screen the Arles of the nineteenth century is fused with contemporary jungle designs

moda y diseño

Vibrant colors, geometric shapes and gold chroming are the characteristics of these elegant chairs

moda y diseño

Seats are an important piece of the collection, in different patterns

moda y diseño

In this composition black and gold stand out, and are the predominant colors of the collection with magenta

The fabrics that wrap chairs, chauffeuses and poufs stand out for their vivid colors and prints. Stretched with velvet, geometric shapes, black and magenta that highlight among the subtlety of the furniture, disturbed only by the golden chrome that adorn it.

Paul Smith

Although he does not have his own brand, the collaborations of this British designer with different home design firms are innumerable.For years, they have counted on him to create unique pieces in a nod to fashion. The style that Paul Smith describes as “classic but with a twist” diversifies.

One of his releases this year have been exposed during the Milan Design Week 2016. For the occasion, the designer has reinterpreted the iconic Cactus coat rack designed by Drocco and Mello in 1972 for the Italian brand Gufram, which celebrates 50 years of experience. A limited edition of which only 169 pieces will be available.

moda y diseño

Psychedelic reinterpretation of the ironic Cactus of Gufram

Available from next October, the Type 75 ™ Desk Lamp Edition Three is the third collaboration of Paul Smith with Anglepoise to color the famous desk lamp.The primary colors used evoke the style of Mondrian, De Stijl, who they wanted to commemorate in his centennial. Yet despite the centenary inspiration, the color palette is fresh, dynamic and contemporary, combining perfectly with the structure of the piece.

moda y diseño

Third edition of the Type 75 ™ Desk Lamp, in collaboration with Anglepoise

Recognized as one of the best producers of Chinese porcelain in the world, Thomas Goode has given Smith the opportunity to create a collection inspired in the British Victorian tradition.Handmade manufactured in England, cups, teapots, plates and other objects in the collection are adorned by a striped motif containing 22-carat gold.

moda y diseño

The quality of Thomas Goode and Paul Smith’s design come together in this tea set

As for the last 16 years, Paul Smith has joined The Rug Company to launch a collection of carpets that can transform any room. As an extension of his fashion designs, some of the pieces are enjoying great success and have become icons of the decor world.The collections are always complemented by hand-woven tapestries and cushions.

“I met the owners of The Rug Company in Westbourne House, my shop in Notting Hill. We started talking and they asked me if I would be interested in designing a collection of carpets. I enjoyed a lot being able to talk with them and to have the opportunity to visit them in their shop, I knew immediately that we could work together. My designs have been a progression of my clothes. My carpets are strong in design and shape and adapt well to today’s interiors adding joy and color” explained Smith.

fashion and design home collections

The Rug Company showroom


Calvin Klein Home 

American fashion benchmark, has managed to represent a style that moves from the runway collections to its line CK Home. Its commitment to minimalism, rejection of the baroque and the use of neutral tones identify the brand.

In his designs you won’t find explosions of color or excentricismos. Simplicity is a constant throughout its history and its home collection, both the furniture and fabrics and accessories follow that line.

moda y diseño

Simplicity and sensuality describe the new collection of CK Home

Earthy and soft blue tones predominate in its fall collection. The sensuality of the staging accentuates the features of a collection that conveys purity, simplicity and warmth and where the rounded shapes of pottery or soft tissue evoke the female figure.

moda y diseño

Round and soft tissue forms evoke the female figure


Armani Casa

In 2000 the Italian fashion brand launched its first collection of Armani Casa. Its first product was a lamp, which had created Giorgio Armani for his office in 1982 and that has become the logo of the brand.A symbol of elegant minimalism that identifies him and that he wanted to diversify beyond fashion.

moda y diseño

The Logo Lamp was created by Giorgio Armani in 1982

“I’ve always been interested in expanding my aesthetic design from fashion to other areas,” said Giorgio Armani. “My goal was to express my philosophy of style to the world of interior design and thus create a complete Armani lifestyle concept”.

This year, to celebrate the success that continues achieving for its sober and timeless design, has been photographed by Beppe Brancato in the houses and offices of a select group of influencers: John Pawson, Nick Vinson, Vincenzo De Cotiis and David Collins.

moda y diseño

John Pawson

moda y diseño

Nick Vinson

moda y diseño

Vincenzo de Cotiis

moda y diseño

David Collins

Sixteen years after its launch and thirty-four since its creation, the Logo Lamp is now a full complement of an entire line going from furniture, lighting and interior design to kitchen, bathroom, textiles and other accessories.

For his collection of this year it was no better letter of presentation than the Milan Furniture Fair 2016.With it we have seen a preview of The Time of Lightness.Inspired in the light and lightness that give it its name, its parts are dressed fashionably. Shadow games, reflections, textures. The mixture between the urban and the natural, between sophistication and comfort define what Armani Casa is.

moda y diseño

Giorgio Armani poses with his collection

moda y diseño

Sample of the new collection “The Time of Lightness”

moda y diseño

The timeless elegance of Armani can be seen in all his designs

moda y diseño

The collection is marked by the game of lights and shadows and the different textures


Since the presentation of Fendi Casa in 1987 and the first collections, the brand has remained true to its unmistakable style with the aim of reinterpreting tradition and bet on the strength of a classic Italian style, yet innovative.

Undoubtedly, the proposal of the brand for home goes hand in hand with its vision of fashion. Different textures, movement, warmth, volumes are characteristics that share their latest collections in fashion and home. The designers of Fendi Casa have explained that at the time of creating the furniture “it shares the fundamental values ​​of fashion design as boundless creativity, excellence, quality and passion for the craft talent.”

moda y diseño

It stands out the use of leather and fur in all the collection

moda y diseño

The pieces join together the spirit of the Norwegian design with the quality of Italian manufacturing

moda y diseño

It reinterprets classics of the firm as the Ottomans

Its latest news have been exposed in the past Salone del Mobile in Milán. Throughout the collection it comes together harmoniously a blend between the simplicity of Norwegian design and the essence of Italian craftsmanship manufacturing, with a careful selection of leathers and fabrics that gain a great importance in much of the pieces. Even in lighting, details with hair can be seen. A neat design in which there is room for reinterpretations of classics of the brand as the Ottomans, updated with different shapes, fabrics and colors.

moda y diseño

The elegance of Fendi out of the catwalk

This is just a small sample of the creativity of the designers beyond the catwalks. Fashion and design, art basically, with the common factor that it is accessible to all and available beyond museums.Like clothes, our house identifies ourselves and it is part of the image we project to the world. Who better than the masters of style to take care of that image?