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If you consider that landscapes recreated with macaroni and grains no longer meet sentimental expectations, and neither do the already boring and repetitive ties as a father’s day gift, then you will be interested in this article. We will give you several ideas so that your Father’s Day gift does not go unnoticed, regardless of the type of dad you have.

Difficult fathers, what to give to those dads who have everything or are very forgetful?

For many people, giving gifts for difficult parents is often a difficult task because of the dissatisfaction it can generate. If our parent has just about everything, we fear that our gift will not be as surprising as we had hoped. If, on the other hand, he tends to forget things a lot, we have to give him something that will stay in his mind.

In such cases, it is best to resort to gifts that are very original, but above all, personalized. The most ideal is that this gift that we give to our father, in addition to being identified with him, he uses it very often. This is equally valid for fathers who have everything and for those who are forgetful.

Some gift ideas if you have a difficult parent:

Personalized refrigerator magnets

The popular saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” and the refrigerator is an appliance that will be used almost daily. A great idea for those difficult parents is to give them a set of refrigerator magnets that depict those family moments that should not be forgotten.


Hofmann customizable magnets.

Personalized mugs

Undoubtedly, a mug with a family image accompanied by some sentimental text will be a Father’s Day gift very difficult to forget. In fact, this is a gift that will reach deep into the heart of our parent, because a mug like this will not get it anywhere, especially if it comes with a family picture accompanied with a text from us.


Customizable magic mug by Hofmann.

These personalized mugs not only serve to drink hot beverages such as coffee or tea, but can also be used as a planter to store various objects. In fact, it is not only a gift for father’s day, as it is also an ideal gift for other people.


Personalized wall calendar

A very thoughtful gift for parents who have everything as well as for those who tend to be forgetful, since in these calendars we can highlight very important family dates such as, obviously, birthdays. These dates can even be highlighted in our original calendar with a memorable photo of the birthday boy/girl.


Hofmann customizable wall calendar.

The format of the calendar and the photos that we want to highlight both on certain dates and in the background, will run by our imagination. As for the photos to include, we can take them from our cell phone or social networks.


New parents

When it comes to first-time parents one thing is clear, their world revolves around their baby. Therefore, gifts that make you proud as a parent will be highly valued. By this we mean those gifts that are focused primarily on your “new world”, that is, your baby.

The phase from baby to child passes practically in the blink of an eye, therefore, our gifts for those first-time parents should try to immortalize those unique moments. Here are some ideas:

A collage canvas with your baby’s best pictures

In addition to being a nice souvenir, surely the new father will appreciate this gift, especially taking into account the technological advances that have been made in the field of photography and printing. In addition, you can add, if you wish, some emotional personalized text.


Customizable canvas

Camiseta personalizada que haga juego con su bebé

A personalized t-shirt for a new parent doesn’t necessarily have to be your baby’s photo print. You can create fun images accompanied by complementary creative texts between the parent and child t-shirt from famous movie quotes to hobbies or games.

Older or golden age parents

At this stage, parents are looking to be more surrounded by family and spend more time at home. Therefore, our gift should focus on things from home and pleasant family memories. What things can we give that go in that direction? Well, we’ll give you some tips:

Electric massager

We all know that people from the age of 60 onwards begin to suffer pains that often prevent them from having a pleasant sleep. Nowadays, there are excellent electric massagers on the market that will not only help to restore sleep, but will also relax you mentally and muscularly.


HaoKitu electric massager.

Personalized photo album

Currently the vast majority of photos are on our cell phones so we can create from them, very personalized and fun photo albums both digitally and physically. There are apps that allow us to create photo albums of up to 48 images stored on our devices in a very personalized way.



Hoffman Smartalbum.

Images courtesy of Hofmann and HaoKitu.