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The italian brand FENDI  belonging to the LVMH group, moves this March to the Palazzo Fendi. Located in Largo Carlo Goldoni street, between Via Condotti and Piazza di Spagna. It will be the biggest flagship store the brand owns, it has square meters 10.8000 distributed in five flors.

The renowned interior designer Gwenael Nicolas was in charge of the boutique design. He is noted for minimalist and bright spaces with a particular focus on light and movement style. Established in Japan is popular for having collaborated with fashion brands of this country as Issey Miyake or Uniqlo highlighting its geometricity application in his designs.


palazzo-fendi02Flagship Store Fendi Roma interior

The glass and bronze elevator stands out in the interior of the boutique making contrast with the interior body of the palazzo.

tk Boutique Fendi Elevator

The Palazzo Fendi, besides the shop and headquartes, resevres a space to the  Fendi Private Suites, a 7 suites hotel designed by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran from Dimore Studio.

tkGreen  living room: Private living room for the VIP clients24742_0_fendiprivatesuites_fsa-g

FendiPrivateSuites3Fendi Private Suites Rome

Also the two top floors of the historic builfing are occupied by the Jappanese Restaurant Zuma, that incluedes a terrace wich offers panoramic views to the city.

Fendi was born in Rome in 1925 as a specialist in leather and fur goods. The “Palazzo Fendi, builfing in which the company has used since 2004, was built in the 20th Century based on a building of the eighteenth century by Benito Mussolini. The house founded in Rome in the 1918 by Adele Casagrande, has signed a contract to use the builing for fifteen years with a monthly rent of 240,000 euros.